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March 5, 2012

Lovely End to February

Popped  over the Sagamore Bridge to Sandwich for lunch at Cafe' Chew with one of my friends on 2/28.  It was another nice winter day.

After lunch, Laurie wanted to show me the herons in the marshes and I noted it was low tide, my fave time to beachcomb.  I didn't bring my zoom lens so I had to massively crop this picture to show the heron.

After Laurie and I parted company, I swung up to Town Neck Beach to see if I could find any treasure.

It's super rocky at this beach, because it's where Sandwich meets the Cape Cod Canal.  This would be a sand bar on any other beach, but here it's a rock bar.

Rock bar and seaweed

Rock bar in the foreground, and that's the fog horn & light on the jetty at Scusset Beach.

There was a whole line of shells on the beach at the same place, where the water deposited them.  I found a handful of white periwinkle shells, like that one on the right.  I'd never seen them on Cape beaches before (or any beaches for that matter).  The rest were snail and slipper shells.

Barge leaving the Canal into Cape Cod Bay


  1. There's something about the beach that just makes my heart ache. Nothing would make my heart happier than to be able to live near the water.

  2. I don't like walking on pebbly beaches, but they are pretty to look at.

  3. Bev, being from the coast, I can never live far from the coast. I crave it. Unless it's summer then I avoid it till it cools off and the tourists go away.

    Val, I wasn't wearing good footwear for this walk and I did turn my ankle a few times. It is expected of residents to be able to walk barefoot on these rocks confidently and without flinching or saying 'ouch'. lol I'll start toughening up my feet on them as soon as it starts to warm up.

  4. Lovely pictures JoJo! Looks like a great spot for beachcombing. We have had so many cloudy days that I'm jealous to see sunshine.