Mt. Rainier and Lenticular Clouds - Dec. 2008 copyright: JMM

February 16, 2012

Cookies, Walkies and Moonies

Decided to bake my squeeze his fave peanut butter chocolate chip cookies one Friday early in the month.  Here's my ever supportive and helpful Assistant Pastry Chef, who stuck to me like glue, hoping I'd "accidentally-on-purpose" drop a glob of peanut butter.  Pepper lost interest fairly early on and was snoozing in the livingroom.

"Hi mama! Iz helpin!!"  Isn't he just squeeee?  Who could be afraid of a face like that?

Om nom nom nom

The next day we took the pups for walkies on the trail to Doughnut Pond, in Sandwich.  I'd never even heard of this place, but my honey used to hunt and run his dogs here all the time so he took me.  It was a lovely walk, but due to our very mild winter, the ticks are still out in full force.  We were picking them off our clothes and the dogs. The next few days were pretty grim, picking ticks off them......and having them fall off, now swollen and the size of coffee beans.  *urp*  

Reflection in Doughnut Pond.

It's a really nice piece of land and I can't believe developers haven't made the town an offer they can't refuse.

Doughnut Pond.

Cool rock embedded in the ground.  It would have come home with me if I could have pried it out!!

My honey being all heavy metal and stuff.

Later that day, the moon made an appearance around sunset.


There were clouds blowing across but I got this shot on the 'bulb' setting on my camera, which took the clouds out.

This is really what it looked like.  I like how the clouds look kind of rainbow-y in the moonlight.


  1. Anonymous1:48 PM

    At least we can look at the pretty pictures safe from the ticks!

  2. Ew, ticks, ew!

    I've been a-visitin' today with my old (late) friend Lesley's mum, who's nearly 87, and we got to talking about infestations. Then I come back and see this!

    I will NEVER stop scratching!