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January 3, 2012

All is Quiet on New Years Day

Well it's 2012!  Did everyone have a nice New Years Eve and Day?  NYE here was cold and rainy! We did a couple of errands in Sandwich in the morning and were safely ensconced at home by 11:00 a.m..  My squeeze was in his happy place, cooking in the NuWave Oven we just got.  We had a stocked fridge, and the box had arrived with the afternoon mail.  

We watched my fave John Wayne movie, "The Cowboys" and then we watched another Duke movie, "Hellfighters" (my honey is a HUGE John Wayne fan).  We managed to stay awake till midnight to watch the ball drop in New York City, and it was a treat to ring in the new year in his arms, making out like schoolkids.

We woke up after 8:00 on New Years Day to the most amazing weather, especially for this region and this time of year!!!  It was over 50* and clear.  The breeze was even warm!  Puttered around in the morning then went for a walk at Scusset Beach.  He brought the metal detector, but it either needs new batteries or just likes to let off false alarms because every 5 steps it beeped, then we'd dig in the sand to find nothing.  I found a couple pieces of beach glass and some more pretty rocks.  I even discovered that I can still skip stones on the water, despite my bad shoulder and not having done it in many, many years.  

Here are some pics of this glorious New Years Day.

Not our chairs.

Pepper's shadow.  I wanted to let her off leash but there were too many other people on the beach with their doggies.

Spotted this cedar tree in the parking lot for the trails at Sagamore Hill so I had to shoot it.  Wonder why it grew crooked? The others in the lot grow straight.

I've decided to start participating in 365 Project, which is a photography website where you take and upload one photo per day, for a year.  We'll see if I actually manage to follow through on this daunting task, but I invite you all to participate and/or follow me there.  Since this is a Leap Year, this is actually going to be 366 Project.

This was my entry for January 1, 2012.  The roof over the walkway to Scusset has large holes in them and I liked how the blue sky looked.

We're off and running!


  1. What a glorious day!

    Another first for the two of you.

  2. To continue the U2 theme: 'It was a beautiful day!'

    Good luck with the 365 thing Jojo, love your first entry :0)

  3. Wow! That was some beautiful wheather!!

    All rain here - for NYE and since then...