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December 27, 2011

Ooooooooo SHINY!!!!!

Easily distracted by shiny objects since 1964.

We went over to my squeeze's sister's house on Christmas Day, around Noon.  She said she'd heard that I made jewelry, and she had some loose beads she wanted me to have. She gave me this bag of crystals, which I can ALWAYS use!!!  

Then she asked me if I liked marbles.  I couldn't believe that she asked me that!! My eyes lit up and I said, "Marbles?  Oh my god I LOVE marbles! I'm addicted to them!"  He groaned and chimes in, "Oh my god you should see our house! Marbles! Beads! Everything glitters.  It's so bright in there I can't see."  

His sister then presented me with a gift bag that had marble jewelry inside!!!! MARBLE. JEWELRY!!!!!  Interchangeable too!!!!  Here's the necklace complete with a sack of different colours to use!!!  

Here's a ring with interchangeable pee wees.

And the earrings, also with pee wees.  So pweeeettyyyyy!!!

She also gave me this necklace/earring set, with the thought that I could either sell it as-is, or use for parts.  These beads are so pretty!!!  I'm already thinking of restringing them with lavender and blue crystals....

Christmas was a peaceful affair and radically different from what I'd grown accustomed to since 1989.  It was bitterly cold in the morning and we had some snow flurries that didn't stick.  Watched TV till we went over to his sister's house, then we went to my mom's for a mid-afternoon dinner.  She'd gotten a pre-prepared meal from Stop & Shop which just had to be reheated.  The turkey was soooo incredibly good.  She sent us home with all the leftovers too! 

We'd decided not to shop for pressies for each other this year.  Instead, we cashed in our coins and got an gift certificate, made a list of stuff we wanted, and ordered said stuff.

Here's Pepperbean on Christmas morning, sporting her jingly red velour collar.  She got a couple of new toys from us and also from my mom.

Here's a shot of the sunset on Christmas Eve, taken from our back yard.

I hope everyone had a joyous holiday on the 25th, and 26th too for those of you who observe Boxing Day!


  1. Adorable jewelries! I wish I know how to make some. I just don't have the patience to study. hehehe

    A Ladybug's Life


  2. Uuuuh. Now talk about *great gifts*

    I really like how you handle to stones well :) I could never to that, I'm only *just good enough* when knitting...

  3. I imagine you and the sister are going to be good friends!

  4. Anonymous1:24 AM

    OMG, that marble jewelry is the coolest thing I've ever seen! Happy Holidays, JoJo!

  5. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Sell it??!! No way, you can make more pretties with it :0)