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October 8, 2011

Wareham and Onset

The main drag in Wareham, Rte. 28, is very kitschy to say the least, with go carts, ice cream and souvenir stands, mini golf courses, a water park, etc.  I finally got down there to take some pictures and took Pepperbean with me.  

Peepers says, "OH BOY! A ride! My favourite!"

Sand & Surf Mini Golf

I didn't shoot him from the back, but he's wearing an American flag as a napkin or something.

I do love the hanging buoy look.  I'd love to have some for my yard.

Colourful plastic Adirondack chairs.

This is my new fave store.  OMG the souvenirs are just killer and they actually had pink flamingos there!

When I was growing up in the 70's, every child in the Upper Cape region got their first bikes from Benny's in Wareham.  They've been around forever.  Mine was bright red metal flake with training wheels.

I love the optical illusion of the big chimney...

....which is on the building next to the one with the mural.

On the way to Onset.  Many of the towns in Massachusetts, end with 'set' or 'et' (Onset, Pocasset, Cataumet and even the state's name), which I can only assume means something about being close to the water.  

Peepers says, "OH BOY! The Beach! My favourite!"

*splash splash sploosh*


  1. The colors are so vibrant and eye-catching...I love that! Pepper looks like he had a good time too. It brought back memories when you showed where you got your first bike. I remember that was a big deal for me. Going to the store and sitting on the bike to make sure my feet touched the ground. Mine was a bright aqua and I had it for years.

  2. Thanks for sharing those! Seeing Pepper splash about in the water reminded me of my Old English Sheepdog Belle. Dogs and water are a joy to watch. :-) Beautiful place you're living in JoJo!

  3. Great photos, but Pepper's sweet face is the cutest! Just want to give him a big kiss.

    Love the hot dog!

  4. What can I say? Dear old Pepper; wonderful old memories and new ones; LOVE the name of that boat!

  5. What lovely cheerful pictures!