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October 14, 2011

Onset, Part 2

The history of Onset, MA can be read HERE .  The town is full of adorable cottages and homes, but they are just set way too close to each other for my liking.  

The tree has grown around the ship's wheel.

A festively decorated Halloween home.  I can't wait to see this town during the winter holidays.

I went back to the groovy hippie store and it was still closed!!!

Then I went for a quick beach combing trek on the beach.

Looking east towards Buzzards Bay and the tops of the windmill and RR Bridge.


  1. Great photos as always - I particularly like the tree growing through the ship's wheel.

    Oh and if you think the houses in Onset (great name!) are too close together, you'd so hate central London...

  2. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Looks idyllic - I'd move there tomorrow!!!

  3. Is that the crab that Olee threw back in the sea in Good Luck?

    Those flowers are stunning.

  4. WR - I've seen the row houses, they are like our townhouses. It's the same in SF, the outer walls of a house touch the ones next to it on both sides.

    Di - It's hard to believe that Onset had a reputation of being a very poor, depressed and somewhat dangerous place a few years ago.

    Val - Good one! I should've named him Nixon. hahahaha

  5. Lovely cottages! They're not that bad - the packed together part. But then I lived in Honolulu where you could hear your neighbors having a conversation in their kitchen from your kitchen. Single wall construction houses didn't help. lol

    Absolutely lovely photos!

  6. Great photos! I'm so sad we didn't get in one final trip to the beach this summer...