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September 14, 2011

Quintessentially Cape Cod

We live in the village of Buzzards Bay, in the Town of Bourne, Barnstable County.  On the west coast, you identify yourself by what county you live in, but here it's village first, then town.  I consider myself to have been raised in East Sandwich, my village in the Town of Sandwich.  There has always been debate about whether or not you are considered 'on Cape Cod', if you haven't crossed the bridge.  However, since Bourne straddles both sides of the Canal, and is part of Barnstable County, I have revised my opinion on this issue.

Bourne Bridge and Cape Cod Canal on a gorgeous August day.

Sadly the theatre was demolished years ago.  I saw "Jaws" here in the 70's.

Barlow's Clam Shack along the Scenic Highway, next to the Canal.

The expression "wicked good" originated in Massachusetts in the 1970's and spread to the rest of New England pretty quickly. 

A scrimshawed sperm whale at Barlow's

Have your photo taken as a boiled lobstah


  1. Anonymous12:21 PM

    ...and very lovely it is too!

  2. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Just beautiful. It just occurred to you have a New England accent?

  3. It looks wonderfully olde-worlde

  4. It's very quaint here that's for sure! Nantz, I will drop my Rs sometimes when I'm tired, and I will adopt the accent as a joke but no, I've never had a New England accent. My mom (and family) was from New York and my dad from South America, so if anything it was more New York than New England. Plus I was in broadcasting so not allowed to have one for radio.

  5. I'm just getting caught up! It all looks so beautiful. Makes me want to go on another road trip!!!

  6. Anonymous7:21 PM

    Same with me...when I'm tired my Pittsburgh accent comes out...which sounds like ahhht, LOL.