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September 8, 2011

Phoenix Rising

Even though I unpacked and set up the house fairly quickly, the only thing I had yet to do was make crafts.  For me, it brought that final sense of normalcy in my new surroundings.  Now I'm truly home.

Here's the craft room all set up and decorated.

Pepper supervising, as always.

Note my doggie helper under the table.  All that beading tuckered her out.

I made one card, 5 necklaces, a bracelet and pair of earrings.  I'm keeping the one with the Orca whale pendant since I got it in Victoria.  And I'm tempted to keep the blue one because it was inspired by the Cape Cod Canal.

Birthday card for my friend Autumn.  

The angel wings on the left cover the dragonfly prongs.

Tahoma Beadworks is back baby!


  1. Having watched it all be packed away, it's nice to see it all come out again ;0)

  2. You're so talented, should be a professional organizer and do people's homes. What you've done in a small amount of time is nothing short of remarkable. Great job!

  3. pepper is a good decorator.

    your room looks as if you've been there for years!

  4. You have to start selling your stuff to make room for more!

  5. Looks great! I can send ya some more old license plates if you'd like ;-)

  6. is this the room that i'll be staying in?

  7. Sweet.

    And oh, oh the colors!