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September 4, 2011

Morton's Toe

Please ignore the pasty white, sickly Pacific Northwest skin tone.  Legal Disclaimer I take no responsibility, or assume any liability, for your eyes being blinded by the brightness.

I posted this picture on Facebook of my feet cooling off in Buttermilk Bay, near my house.  One of my friends commented about my second toe being longer than my big toe.  A few people have mentioned it in the past when they saw me barefoot, but all I could tell them was that it's hereditary on my mom's side.  I decided to look it up and it's called "Morton's Toe".  It's not that the 2nd toe is longer, the 1st one is shorter.  It's also known as "The Greek Foot".  Having the great toe longer is known as The Egyptian Foot.  I was pleased to read that the Greek Foot is associated with royalty, is an idealized form in Greek sculpture, and "persisted as an aesthetic standard through Roman and Renaissance periods and later."  Apparently the Statue of Liberty has the 2nd toe longer too.  See? I told you I was Queen of the Entire Planet!! *she says smugly*

I also learned that people with Morton's Toe are more prone to musculoskeletal pain, by lowering one of the hips.  This leads to a forward-leaning, head-forward posture, which is one thing with which I've always had a problem.  My mom was constantly after me to stand up straight and quit leaning forward.  This also causes hip pain, low back pain, shoulder and neck pain.  Anyone who knows me and grew up with me knows that I have never been able to straighten out my legs due to horrible hip pain.

On a side note, I found that silver ankle bracelet in the parking lot at the local Evil Empire....erm....I mean Wal-Mart.  Nothing like a good Ground Score!


  1. Hey, I've heard that sort of toe structure is a sign of leadership... maybe that ties in with the royalty thing...?

    Happy feet in sand! yay!

    BTW, you'll be hearing from my attorney. My eyes are blurry. hee!

  2. How about that! My second toe is longer, too. And you know I have musculoskeletal problems.

    (Ligaments that are too supple and don't support joints enough are also a cause; my toes are so wiggly I could almost write with them; and before my hip op I could touch the ground alongside my feet with my palms flat while wearing 4" heels.)

  3. Is this ina ny way connected with Morton's Fork - a choice between two equally unpleasant alternatives?

    No, can't be. Your toes are charming

  4. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Never heard of that and you made me have a look at my own feet, LOL. No longer second toe so I guess I'm not of royalty. Although, my names means "full of grace".

  5. yes, you are descended from greek royalty. i've always known that. i, on the other hand, am descended from big toes curl up!
    and along with that ankle bracelet, you should also have a toe ring to go with it.

  6. I'm not a huge fan of the toe ring look. lol I don't go barefoot that much and never ever wear sandals or flip flops, so I think a toe ring would be uncomfy. I am, however, considering new celestial themed ink on my left ankle.

  7. I haven't worn any toe rings this summer (mainly 'cos of "what summer?") but Susan's right, they do look good on long seond toes.

  8. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Nope, having checked, I apparently have 'common feet' ;0)

  9. Heh heh... If I posted photos of MY feet, folks really would be recoiling in horror!
    (I call 'em Jekyll & Hyde: R foot is just-barely-passable, L one is gnarled & hideous! Stepped on, kicked & mangled by too many equines)