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September 28, 2011

Ground Score

When I'm out and about "oot and aboot" taking a walk, my eyes are always scanning the ground, looking for a good 'ground score'.  That can be anything from a cool rock to something that someone's lost (of course if it's something valuable I will try to find the owner).  I'm especially looking for arrowheads but I have not been successful in finding them, except for 2 I found on my parents' property in the 1970's.  Never really found anything good at Dead shows either, surprisingly.  

Since moving back here, however, I have had really decent luck with the ground score (beach comb treasures not included)!  This is what I've found so far this summer:  A license plate, toy truck, silver ankle bracelet, a blue glass thing and a golf ball.  I have been waffling on weather I should turn the plate over to the DMV, because it's going to be a major hassle (and expense) for the owner to get it replaced....but my desire to add to my license plate collection has kept me from doing the honorable thing, b/c I don't have any trailer plates....

I have zero idea what this glass thing is.  It's not a bead because it's not drilled.  It's shaped like a guitar pick and about the same size, but it's thicker.  It's opaque on this side.

And the other side of it is chipped to reveal clear glass under the opaque blue.

I found this cute little Ford truck on the beach at Buttermilk Bay.  I love the celestial fleur de lys design on the hood.

I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for more treasure!!


  1. ever think of getting one of those metal detectors?

  2. Anonymous12:45 PM

    I can see I'm going to have to start watching my feet ;0)

  3. I have a metal detector but it's so cumbersome sometimes. Russell's dying to take it out on a walk but it's just been to hot and humid to go out. I took it w/ me to Canada in 2007 and used it on the beach in Chemainus. It was showing a "looney" under the sand/mud, but the beach was FULL of clams, old shells and rocks and it was too hard to dig. I buried a quarter in the driveway and Russell found it, so it does work....

  4. Wow, a looney, such treasure! I never got the hang of Canadian coins because my cousins paid for everything while I was over there.

    Do you need a second home for the collection? All my "treasures" cost money, and I still managed to clutter up the house completely so I can't move in some rooms - or even get in them (which is why my Christmas tree is still up...)

  5. It never occurs to me to look down! Better change that....

  6. Anonymous11:27 PM

    That blue rock is so pretty...I'd wrap some silver metal cord around it and make a necklace. And, who doesn't love an ankle bracelet? Cool finds!