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August 5, 2011

Wall Drug, Wall, South Dakota

Wall Drug was the only place that I absolutely insisted upon stopping at on this trip, because I knew it was just right off the highway.  Needless to say once you leave Rapid City, you are constantly reminded to stop there due to the many, many clever billboards along the way!  I started to shoot them but there were just too many!

On the way to Wall.

They really do sell coffee for .05 cents.

Jackalope heads.  The jackalope joke is well known in the mid west and western states.

We had lunch here.  I had a bison burger and Russell had the lunch buffet.

Inside the main building.

Fortune Teller Pappy

There's even a small chapel.

Russell had so hoped to see a live buffalo along the trip, but this was the best we could get.

In the mining company building, they had a replica of a water sluice.  You could buy a bag of dirt with 'treasures' inside, shake the dirt into the sluice pan and shake it out under the water of the sluice to reveal the pretty stones and (fake) arrowheads.  We came away with a nice sack of them!!!

Here is the obligatory, "Badgers?!  Badgers?!  We don't need no steenking badgers!"  joke


  1. I know exactly why you wanted to stop at Wall Drug, but that's our little secret. lol! Awesome colors. Cheers!!

  2. Anonymous2:19 PM

    While not wishing to do the necessary 'mileage' to enable me to retire (ah, in my dreams), I can't wait, just so I can do the thing I've ALWAYS wanted to do; cross America, taking my own sweet time, starting in New York and winding up on the West Coast....sometime whenever ;0)

  3. I like the dinosaurs, but I could do without the stuffed wildlife!

  4. Anonymous1:02 PM

    We have buffaloes at a nearby park by me. I'm wondering how your bison burger was? That seems to be the trend now. Really enjoying all your photos!

  5. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Never heard of this place so I had to look it up. From what I found, there are signs all over the world that calculates the number of miles to Wall Drug. The owners spend $400,000 a year on the billboards which stretch 500 miles from Minnesota to Montana on Interstate 90. To this day, Wall Drug has offered free ice water since they first started. They also offer free coffee and a donut to honeymooners, veterans, priests, hunters, truck drivers and other travelers.

  6. Ok, a giant bunny, a Dino, Pappy and a buffalo all in the same post...?!! Mind cup is full!

    Thanks for that.

  7. I linked this on Facebook, on a friend's page... he is the one who made us all stop at Wall Drug! :)

    Great pictures and memories, thanks.

  8. How awesome. True americana here. But however did you find it, with that lack of signage and all ;)