Mt. Rainier and Lenticular Clouds - Dec. 2008 copyright: JMM

July 30, 2011

Even MORE Montana....It's a Big State!

Montana is the 4th largest state in the USA.

I just can't get enough of the mountains.

The farther east we got, the more the landscape turned to treeless grassland.


  1. No wonder they called it Montana!

  2. Top quality pics as always. where oes Montana rank among US States as to population? Not fourth I bet!"

  3. Montana is ranked 48th out of 50 states in population density. It's one of only a handful of states that still only has one area code for the entire state.

  4. It's too flat!!!! Damn, it looks like the Free State in South Africa :-) Gimme Maine! Gimme trees! xxx