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June 10, 2011

A Grey Day in Grays Harbor County

We were promised a sunny day on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.  I decided to make the long trek out to the coast to say my fare-thee-wells to the Pacific Ocean at Westport.  I left at about 7:00 under grey skies.  Hey at least it wasn't raining so that's about the best you can hope for up here. 

This bridge in Aberdeen (or "Scaberdeen" as I call it) reminds me of a Star Wars Imperial Walker.

Westport is about 100 miles one way from my house.  Took a little over 90 minutes to make the drive.

I bought souvenirs here.

Westport's Marina really reminded me of Sandwich.

Downtown Westport

Taken from the overlook tower

Also taken from the tower

I cannot emphasize enough just how cold and windy it was on that top deck.  

A mouldering phone booth, which is actually a necessity in this area because there is no cell service.

I was a bad girl in this souvenir shop.


Biggest flag I've ever seen

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  1. That was a miserable grey day (spelt the UK English way, I note!)

    Those sea pictures are stunning.

    And as for the teeshirt...if I were a few years younger and men really did stare at my boobs any more ;)