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May 17, 2011


Now that I'm leaving, I'm having to take photos of everything since it's going to be a good, long time before I return.

This is where I have worked for over 10 years, in Fircrest.  I love my boss and my friend/coworker and  I never thought I'd see the day when I would leave. I've always teased Steve that he wasn't allowed to retire because I was not looking for another job.

Looking west down 19th Street.

And east up 19th Street.

Tacoma Community College across the street.

The "Lindsay" in the firm name left in 2006 to become a Court Commissioner.  Steve said it cost too much to get the sign carved so he wasn't going to replace it.  I suggested he just take a belt sander to it.  lol  ;-)

TAPCO Credit Union next door and their sign with the time and temperature.

My eye doctor's office was on the first floor.

My office windows on the left and my printer room on the right.

Deb's truck and distinctive I-B RED plates.

Back stairs & my boss' car.

My & Steve's cars.

View from our front door.


  1. Pity it wasn't "Suite Seventeen" with a Valentino inside ;)

    Looks like a nice environment to work in. But ah, the window to the copier room. Poor copier.

  2. They came and hauled Old Paint away yesterday. :(

    I do love my office, my boss and Deb, but the job is just really getting to me now. I can't do family law anymore.

  3. You know I wish I'd done this at various times in my life... I have no record of certain places I have lived and worked. You're so thorough!

  4. Anonymous2:05 PM

    I've never 'loved' anywhere I've worked enough to take pictures of, but good for you. It all adds to your Book of Memories.

  5. Yeah, you are / were lucky indeed to have a place you wanted to keep in your memories. I know, I have one too. Fingers crossed you will find another.