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December 8, 2010

Holiday Cards 2010

2010 J. Wolf Original Holiday Cards.  This time I remembered to write down who got what.  Axe's card didn't scan well, but it looked really cool with shiny blood red paper under the punched out snowflakes.


  1. Wonderful job you've done, Jojo, they're really beautiful :)

  2. Very nice JoJo. I like the torn edge look. I use to make my own cards too, it's very consuming, but's there's nothing like a homemade card.

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  4. You're right, Bev - and mine are NOTHING like homemade cards!

    JoJo, yours are exquisite.

  5. Thanks guys!

    Madi, I wanted to send one to you but I don't have your current addy. Next year, 'k?

    I love doing the torn edge thing. I thought that the photos had everyone's name at the bottom, to show who got what. Val got the "Mr. Blue Christmas" and Tess got "Sammy Santa Hat."

  6. I would frame any one of those; just beautiful!