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October 30, 2010

Inner Harbour

After I left Fisherman's Wharf, I walked back to Inner Harbour on the Waterside Walkway.  

Inner Harbour & Empress Hotel

I love this glass tiled orca.  It's been in the city since my trip in 2004.

Outside a souvenir shop on the Causeway, below the Visitor's Centre.

This is the pedi-cab guy that started playing the "Rocky" theme while starting to pedal up the hill.  I love how the tourists in the back seat are smiling and waving at my camera.

I Was There!

Nootka Court

One of my fave souvenir shops, Nootka Traders

Nootka Court

This is one of my fave views in the city, and I see this in my dreams a lot, whenever I have a Victoria-themed dream.  It appears so often in my dreams that I actually remembered to take an actual photo of it.  It was taken on Government Street x Courtney Street.


  1. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Lovely, lovely pictures JoJo. You must be so happy that you decided to go. Fall is such a wonderful time of year to travel. I really hope I make it out there in my lifetime.

  2. It's a fantastic place, that's for sure. I've always preferred traveling in the fall vs. summer. I just hope you guys don't get bored w/ my photos....I took enough to do blog posts for a month! lol It's just such a fun and special place, and yet Victoria is not well known as a tourist destination outside the Pac NW. I never heard about Victoria when i lived in SF; it was always Vancouver.

  3. On the other hand, if you went to Vancouver, you could look up Don!

    I didn't know some Canadian towns had aquired some of our UK red telephone boxes. We ar the only people stupid enough not to want them (well, the powers-that-be, anyway). They have to keep them in "conservation areas". I saw one yesterday near London Zoo, which is near the very posh Regent's Park, and it was half derelict. It'd be better off in Canada.

    I love the way you frame your pictures. Maybe you could make some extra spondulicks by selling some?

  4. I for one, will NEVER get bored of these pics, hon. Not only are you an excellent photographer, but the world you show me is one I only see in my daydreams of when "I am Canadian". LOL!!

    After walking in places like those on your pictures, I would never want to come home!

  5. I'm not getting bored! In fact, I adore the Orca! So sweet. One day, I will have to make it to the west coast...

  6. What's the attraction with the last pic, JoJo? I like the trees a lot!!

  7. Jean, I'm not sure. It's just an image of Victoria that is burned into my brain and shows up in my sleepy dreamworld from time to time. I like the way you can only see the dome of Parliament.

  8. The orca is beautiful!What are the slim trees on the banks of the harbor,do you know?They are very...graceful. Trees are turning here too,in fact,peak time is so close to over (thank goodness).I forget that most people don't see that everyday,the glow of the mountains colors has dimmed on me.

    The weather looks cool and relaxing.Was it good walking weather?It looks like it was.