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July 8, 2010

There's Something to be Said for Productivity

You ever have one of those weekends where you get so much done? That was me over the four day holiday. I cleaned the house really well. Got all the dog beds washed. Kitchen and bathroom cleaned. Dusting, dusting and more dusting. Emptied the Dyson about a kajillion times.

I swept out the garage, scraped up all the moss both in back and out front. Mowed the front yard, too. I sold my environmental soul by choosing to deal with the weeds by way of Round Up, instead of killing my back even more by doing it by hand. Still haven't dealt with the back yard though. Didn't bother washing my car because it's still raining off and on, but I did wash the picture window in the living room and the family room slider too. Both were covered in 'pup kiss'. I'm sure Sagan will see my newly washed windows as 'fresh canvas' on which to work his wet nose magic.

Once the window was cleaned, I noticed how pretty the sun looked on my marbles.

I also stenciled and assembled this clock kit-of-the-month project. I royally screwed up the number stencils. Talk about black blobs. It took about an hour or so to apply white paint with a teeny tiny brush, around all the numbers to make them look better. And hey! It even keeps time! Just don't look too close.

Without the flash you can really see how much I had to paint. So it's probably best mounted way up high on the wall; better to be seen at a distance!

The other day one of my Facebook friends posted a link to someone who was selling her bead and jewelry collection in order to finance cancer treatments for her beloved dog, Ukiah, a malamute or husky, not sure which. I found this really cool vintage piece on her site and could not pass it up, plus it was for a good cause.
I finished my Jody Bergsma Designs colouring book and also did 2 other pages in my paisley design colouring book. I will post pics once they are scanned. I spent most of Monday afternoon working on a new bead project. Let's just say that I now remember why I don't work with seed beads very often anymore. It just takes too long.

Finally, I hung up my seasonal dragons cross stitch frames that have been sitting upstairs for the better part of a year!

But I still haven't dealt with my Norton issues.....


  1. Anonymous12:24 PM

    ...but it's good to know you still have your marbles dear ;0)

  2. I admire your industry (& yr marbles ;-)
    My RV/horse trailer look pretty good, but the house remains a wreck...
    Ah well, I'll have one week to be industrious myself when we get back from Ft S, before my boy gets home.

  3. wow
    that is really productive

    and i love the necklace.
    (sorry. i'm a guy. i dont know if the proper term is necklace)

  4. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Holy Smokes JoJo, I'm exhausted just reading what you did in one weekend.
    You go girl!
    I love how your marbles reflect light back into your home. Very Zen.

    Where the numbers on the clock rub on transfers? I find most of those tricky to work with. Your clock looks really great in the pix.

  5. You did all that to make us jealous didn't you? But it didn't work. Because as hot as it has been in NY this past week - 103 on Tuesday, 100 on Wednesday, and 98 today - the entire house could have been covered in dirt and I wouldn't have cleaned a damn thing. Besides spring cleaning is supposed to be done in the SPRING. Much love. Cheers JoJo!!

    P. S. Marbles? Did it remind you of To Kill A Mocking Bird?

  6. You must have been fun to trip with!

  7. Hey, who's this other Val? I thought I must already have commented (though I didn't remember reading this post before) and thought I must have lost MY marbles!

    What a busy bee you've been. I feel exhausted just reading this. Must take a nap!

    As for the stencils, you should see my efforts.

    No, I'm not going to embarrass myself by showing you.

  8. Diane - I'm not sure about that!

    Val - Thanks! And have a safe trip to Ft. S.

    justsomethoughts... - Yes, it's a necklace and isn't it cool? Tons of tiny seed beads, and the metal squares are meticulously embossed.

    Beverly - My plan was to do it all last weekend so that I would have less to do during my vacation next week! The numbers and designs were all stencils. Despite my best efforts, black paint got underneath the stencils.

    BBG1 - Marbles are one of the many reasons I love TKAM!

    PF - do you mean 'trip' as in acid or road? Because I am fun either way. ;p

    Val - Meet Val from the Incurable Blog! :D See link on my blog roll. I was pretty exhausted but man did I sleep well all weekend!