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August 4, 2010

Puppies - Summer 2010

"WE are not amused". Princess Pepper P. Puppington.
Camouflage Sagan.

The only potted plant in my yard is an ignored ivy on a stump, surrounded by glass slag, rocks and that giant chunk of glass on the left.
Mommy's little boy.

See the Mighty Hunter in the wild, ready to attack her brother prey in the yard. Note how her foreleg is up and poised, ready to strike.

Off screen, Sagan makes his move.....Beanie is ready for him.....

All a-quiver, she locks onto her target with laser sites.

They dashed out from behind the trees a lot closer than where I thought they'd emerge, so I only got this one shot off, of Pepper going after her little brother. It's a real riot to watch them play in the back yard like this. She can't really catch him, so she just snaps at him and bats her paws at him.



  1. Anonymous10:19 AM


  2. ... and another blessing from me - and that's for you too - you're blessed the way you handle a camera

  3. Aww....that's adorable! Great shots. :-)

  4. 'Princess Pepper P. Puppington'


  5. Anonymous12:47 PM

    That's a riot! Great camera shots!

  6. They are wonderful - the puppies and the pictures!

  7. Love the name Princess Pepper P. Puppington. The shots are very funny! I couldn't even see camo dog till I read the caption and LOOKED for him.

    Our cat, Kit kit's real name is Pricsilla Slinkbody Longpaw, the Dutchess of Scuttleford... I told you, we have a lot in common!
    xo pf

  8. Actually, Pepper's full, formal name is: Princess Pepper Pepperoni Puppington, of the Bonney Lake Puppingtons. lolol

    PF - it's eerie how much we are alike! hahahaha