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April 5, 2010

If At First You Don't Succeed.....

Because I refuse to be bested by a bunch of eggs!!! It's that whole "Sagittarius-Year-of-the-Dragon" stubbornness thang.

Remember the robins-egg blue whose side blew out like Mount St. Helens?

Now it holds a happy little chick, tiny silk flower and 'eggs', which are actually candy-covered sunflower seeds (and which are quite tasty too, I might add).

And the purple egg, into whose shell I plunged my finger before I even drilled the holes?

It's the Easter bunny!!
When I showed this hot pink one to Brian, he laughed and said "Is this for your bordello? I mean, it just screams "Whorehouse"..."
It doesn't quite hang straight unfortunately. I was having issues getting the ribbons to set right.
Top view.
The orange egg also had a huge crack in it, so I covered it with ribbon. I found the crystal strips in fall colours, so I used those too.
Now it's a Halloween egg.

And then there was the midnight blue egg that cracked down both sides with smudged dye.
Nothing that a little ribbon can't hide!
Now it's a celestial-themed egg!

Finally, I also used the Dudley Tie Dye kit on 4 hardboiled eggs I had in the fridge. Dudley brand dye kits have never been very good, and certainly not as good as PAAS. The technique worked so-so.
But they are still pretty and the glitter makes them all sparkly.
I still have 4 hollowed-out eggs left to decorate. But since they won't go bad, I don't have to kill myself to get them decorated. It's just nice to know that this craft project didn't conquer me, I conquered it!


  1. I'm just glad to be blogging buddies with a genius!!!!!! B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! Cheers JoJo!!

  2. Beautiful - I think they look better now than they were supposed to originally!

  3. Faberge had nothing on you!

  4. Aw you guys are just so sweet! Thanks so much!

    But Val, I think I have a LONG way to go to reach Faberge-quality! lol

  5. Great save!!! That was mighty creative thinking! I love the cracked ones with the funny bunny and little chickie! They are all so lovely. Good work.

    The bordello egg is particularly festive too!

  6. Oh, oh...the Celestial is MINE!!!
    Its soooo pretty, Jojo.

    Us Afrikaners have a saying : " 'n Boer maak 'n plan" and according to this post, YOU should be a Boer, baby!

    They are so beautiful and smart saving on the would-be disasters. Now aren't you glad you have that Saggitarius- year of the Dragon thing??

  7. Ha! Wonderful Jo-Jo! I love the way you re-worked them... and those first ones are so cute!

    Love the ones with ribbon too; you are very crafty indeed!

  8. Someone is just so creative. I'm impressed (again)