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March 8, 2010

New From Tahoma Beadworks LLC

Here are some new creations I made over the past couple of weekends. Click on the pics to see better detail.

Since I can't wear chain necklaces anymore, I'm in the process of converting some of my fave pendants into new beaded creations. I found these cranberry coloured crystals and they reminded me of growing up on Cape Cod. I also used small round faceted crystals, tiny silver beads and pearls, plus my Cape pendant. The pearls remind me of shells and the snow white quartz rocks that litter the beaches.
Toggle clasp.
Been meaning to make myself a cobalt blue and silver necklace for a long time. These are very rich cobalt 'miracle' beads (aka cats eye) with smaller clear cobalt glass & silver.

Dyed crazy lace agate stones, which looks like turquoise (and costs way, way less) and strung in a Southwestern motif with silver beads.
Closer view.
Toggle clasp.
I found the handpainted lighthouse pendant on eBay. It's a bit bigger than I normally like to wear, but it's so pretty. I was lucky to find a strand of multicoloured Czech beads that totally matched the colours of the pendant.
Toggle clasp of lighthouse necklace.
I found an inexpensive strand of Pietersite flat coin shaped beads and had to have them. The photos don't do the stone justice at all. They are in all shades of browns, reds, gold, some grey & black, and some have a really pretty tiger eye effect. I'm not sure if it's Namibian or Chinese Pietersite.
The second bead down on the left has a very beautiful tiger eye thing going on.
Toggle clasp.
I bought the purple dichroic pendant and then paired it with pale purple beads. It's understated to bring the focus to the pendant.
Gold & black brocade (jacquard) ribbon amulet bag. Not to be worn & only for decoration.

These take a long time to make!


  1. Anonymous12:22 AM

    Wow, your pieces are so beautiful! The first one, the cranberry one, is stunning. You're very talented and I can see how much work you've put into them.

  2. Clever you. I wish I could place an order! Is the pendant in the top one a map of Cape Cod?

  3. They're beautiful! It looks like you put a lot of work into them.

    I can't wear chains either! My skin turns green lol

  4. I love fun and interesting jewelry -- makes a great souvenir when I travel. Your pieces are gorgeous!

  5. I'm so placing an order for a custom made necklace as soon as I have a job again, Jojo! Your work is AMAZING!

  6. Anonymous1:59 PM

    You have been a busy little worker bee. I LOVE the purple beads with the triangular pendant. Bravo!

  7. That's my favourite, too, Diane. Though the cobalt blue is lovely. And the cranberry...

  8. I am the proud owner of one of our necklaces! :) I see several more I'd Love to buy...

    God you're talented.

  9. Thanks everyone for your kind words!

    Nantz - Thank you! It takes about an hour, sometimes more, to decide on the beads/design and a whole 10-15 minutes to do the necklace!

    WR, yes, that's Cape Cod in the first pendant.

    Music Wench - for me the chains get wrapped around the hair at the back of my neck and it's very painful when I have to rip them out!

    Dr. J - Thank you so much for stopping by & for your kind words!

    Axe - There are actually necklaces for you and the kids in the package that I have yet to send...

    Diane - The necklace you mention took several tries to finally hit on a bead combo I liked.

    Val - I'm nuts about cobalt, I'll be making more of those!

    Tess - Yes you do! You have the necklace that Susan and I conspired on behind your back! lol

  10. Really???
    ***Jumping up and down, tits flailing like Elvira, Mistress of the Dark***

  11. loving the lighthouse necklace xxx

    Sam xx

  12. YOu made all these? OVER A FEW WEEKENDS?! Even those frickin awesome beaded bags? How is that possible?

  13. Axe - Yes, really. ;)

    Sam - Thank you so much!

    PP - Yes, I did. I can do about 4-5 necklaces in an afternoon; more if I'm really cranking. The ribbon bags were already folded and ready to be stitched & decorated, and those actually took the longest time.

  14. you have serious talent girl - they are all beautiful and i loved the bags - funnily i rarely wear necklaces - don't like anything round my throat - well a man's lips are okay ;>)