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March 19, 2010

Mix Tapes, JoJo Style....

I got an earworm today that I just can't shake, "Captain of her Heart" by Double. It came out in 1986. Really great tune. So I decided to dig out a mix tape I made in late 1986, which contains that song. It's on a tape I called "Tape 103: All Time Faves!" I was curious to see what my All Time Faves were at the time I made the tape. It even has a companion, "Tape 104: FAVES II". I can barely read my teeny tiny handwriting of all the songs. I can't believe I used to write that small. I can't believe I used to be able to see writing that small! This tape is so old that I was still living at home w/ my parents after college when I made it. I used to go to record shows in Boston and I had scarfed up hundreds of 45s of all my fave tunes from the 60's, 70's & 80's.

I got a chuckle out of my song choices, but they really are All Time Faves:

Side A
West End Girls - Pet Shop Boys
Captain of Her Heart - Double
The Way It Is - Bruce Hornsby
Route 66 - Nelson Riddle Orchestra
Big Log - Robert Plant
Hymn - Ultravox
Forever Live & Die - OMD
Owner of a Lonely Heart - Yes
Call Me - Go West
Whisper to a Scream - Icicle Works
Don't Take My Car Out Tonight - The Hooters
Incense & Peppermints - Strawberry Alarm Clock

Side B
Turn Your Back On Me - Kaja
In a Big Country - Big Country
Take a Giant Step - The Monkees
Right Between the Eyes - Wax
All I Need is a Miracle - Mike & the Mechanics
When the World is Runnin' Down - The Police
Bad Time - Grand Funk
Magic - Pilot
Go All the Way - Raspberries
Searchin' So Long - Chicago
Too Shy - Kajagoogoo
Tightrope - ELO

FAVES II went in a more new wavey direction at the beginning, then careens erratically thru the 60's, 70's and 80's

Side A
Let Them All Talk - Elvis Costello
Cool For Cats - Squeeze
Train in Vain - The Clash
Prisoners - The Vapors
Nervous Night - The Hooters
Say it isn't so - The Outfield
Our House - Madness
Do I - Kaja
Sleepwalk - Ultravox
Eton Rifles - The Jam
Smash It Up! - The Damned
Omegaman - The Police
Secret Journey - The Police
Darkness - The Police

Side B
Little Willy - The Sweet
You've Made Me So Very Happy - Blood, Sweat & Tears
Be Near Me - ABC
Forever Young - Alphaville
For What It's Worth - Buffalo Springfield
Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes - Edison Lighthouse
Laughing - Guess Who
Me & My Arrow - Nilsson
Star Collector - The Monkees
You've Got Another Thing Comin' - Judas Priest
Sun Always Shines on TV - A-ha
Love My Way - Psychedelic Furs
The Beginning & the End - OMD

Be thankful I'm taking this trip alone so that no one has to be subjected to me singing along at the top of my lungs and drumming on the steering wheel, and occasionally acting out the music videos.


  1. I have dozens of compilation tapes, and one day I'm gonna buy that machine that'll apparently let me upload them to the computer and burn some CDs :0)

  2. Gosh, I even recognise a couple of them!

    Have fun, sistah.

  3. ear worm? so that is what you call it. The best description I heard yet.
    I was trying to rmemember who sang "the captain of her heart" I lived in Seattle when that one came out... late 80ish.

  4. Love your taste in music! :-) I could have made that tape!