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February 14, 2010

Grab Bag

There's something so irresistible about a Grab Bag. That plain wrapped package, containing who knows what, has tantalized me since I was a kid. I always had to get one, at every Barnstable County Fair, at that engraving kiosk in the middle of the Cape Cod Mall, at every craft fair. The thing about the grab bag, is that 9 times out of 10, it contains crap. Total garbage, and usually broken, cheap costume jewelry. Still, I keep buying them, in the hope that just once, I will open it up and find treasure.

Well I've finally found one that is reliably awesome. It's called The Boss' Bead Bag, from Fire Mountain Gems, in Oregon. One pound of miscellaneous beads and findings, for about $7.00. You really can't beat that deal.

Again, it comes in a plain brown wrapper, and sealed with a sticker, concealing the unknown treasures within. (I thought of doing this blog post after I tore into it, so I had to try and stick it shut for photo purposes).
The anticipation reaches a crescendo.... My heart is racing......WHAT WILL BE INSIDE???
I reach in and pull out a large ziplock bag, bursting at the seams.
I pour the beads out on the table. Oooo, there's some good stuff in here....the possibilities are endless!
Beautiful filigree findings I can use in jewelry and paper crafts.
A respectable selection of natural stone and unique glass beads.
Ya gotta love the doo dads.
And finally, a tiny strand of Christmas lights!
So many project ideas, so little time.


  1. The beads and trinkets are pretty and eye-catching. I was watching LiveWellHD on channel 7.2 -- due to TV going digital -- and the host was interviewing a jewelry designer named Mindy Lam. Her website is She has the most charming and exquisite creations. You will just love them. Cheers Jo!!

  2. For $7 ya can't knock it!

  3. OMG-the Xmas lights are so cute!I love grab bags too.I have to pull myself away from the things when I see them.That's a great deal when one strand of semi-precious stone beads can (and usually does) cost more than that.

  4. Anonymous2:26 PM

    I can see you're going to be VERY busy. You do know it's only 10 months to Christmas....??!

  5. The butterflies! Soooo pretty!
    Jojo, I can't even IMAGINE what YOU could get up to with this versatile beadiness at your fingertips.

    Oh, incidentally, I spent about 10 minutes feeding Buddy before I read your post. The cutest freakin' thing!!!

  6. That looks like good value for money, and lots of fun.

    When I was a kid I collected stamps, and I always hoped to find a Penny Black in the little mixed bags.

  7. Very Exciting! Now...Get to work!

  8. Awesome! I love grab bags too... like a tiny treasure chest!

  9. Anonymous5:01 PM

    I love those BOSS'S Bead bags!

    I usually buy two every other year...I may buy more at a got some good stuff in your BBB..
    I hope I do as well.

  10. I just ordered one and was wondering if i could find a hint of what they were like. so i googles it and here you are. Looks like fun :)