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October 10, 2008

I am humbled...

My new Deadhead blogger friend, Fancy Schmancy, bestowed on me this award:

I am truly honoured. I know I haven't been writing that much lately, thanks to being caught up in the 3rd round of the Hatchlings Egg Hunt (it's addictive, trust me), so that makes this award mean all the more.

The instructions say that I must pass this along to 7 other bloggers and link them here. Those 7 are supposed to pass it on as well. And let me tell ya, this is going to be really, really hard to do b/c I love each and every one of you.

I still can't figure out how to just write the person's name and have it automatically link to their blog. So, sorry for the "old fashioned" linkage, below.

So, to pass along my favourite weblogs, we have, as follows:

Bryde's blog at:

Kris' blog at:

Drowsey Monkey's blog at: Am quite enjoying her tour around Ontario with Olga the Traveling Bra, which is another extremely amusing blog about the travels of Olga the Bra.

Fellow Deadhead and politico Annie's blog at:

Another fellow Deadhead and politico Daisy's blog at:

Another extremely funny blog, by Maureen in Canada, at:

And of course I couldn't pass out an award without including at least one Vincent D'Onofrio themed site, my dear friend Val, at:

Runners up include the wonderful gals at the Valentine Cat, Fancy Schmancy, Susan's "Life with Michigan and Loganne" (you REALLY need to update your blog, Susan!!), and of course the ubiquitous Axe and her "Here Be Monsters" blog. As most of you know, Axe actually has a lot of sites to choose from, besides her blog.

And honorable mentions to Eliza, White Rabbit, VPDZOO's "My Words" and my friend Averie, whose blog is set to private/invite only, or I would have linked her.

Have a wonderful weekend ladies.


  1. yeah, yeah, yeah, i know, but i'm just toooooo tired and toooooo fried from work to attempt to write anything intelligent or coherent.

    but, i still love your blog.

  2. Way to remind me that I've not updated my blog recently. Haha.

  3. Great choices! I agree with them all. Thanks for the honorable mention:)

  4. So many roads to travel, so little time....congrats on the Award anyway!

  5. thanks jojo! you're too much. :)

  6. Why, thank you kind friend.

    Even if you do abandon us for bloody Facebook!

  7. Fen - Yeah, I hear that. I'm pretty tired too. FB is so mindless that I can play and still let my eyes slide out of focus.

    Kathleen - The last time I checked, your last blog entry was from when you were still at UofT.

    Mary - Am looking forward to your next travel post.

    Diane - True, but I always make time to look at all of the blogs every day.

    Annie - "We are everywhere". ;)

    Val - I've scanned a ton of photos so I can do better blogging.

  8. Haha, I know! I should get on that... but I'm too lazy.

  9. THANK YOU and love you too, Jojo--you always brighten my day considerably!


  10. jojo: This is probably a bit late,but I wish Brian all the luck in the world in his job-hunting! J has been on yet another 'helping you back to work' course so keep your fingers crossed for him too :-)

    Hope Sagan's leg gets better,hope too that it's only something simple like a srain that will heal itself.

    I hate Halloween,but even though she's nearly 14 Laura loves it,so we will do something,but not a lot LOL

    Take care and I will try and think of things to say more often when I visit :-D

  11. I'm not on private anymore-too many people couldn't figure out how to sign up/sign in to read the blog! I'm definitely going to check out some of those blogs :-)

  12. JoJo: You are too kind. And I am too late... geesh. Doing that talk out of town really took me away from blogland for far too long.

    But my thanks are no less heartfelt; thank you so much for mentioning my blog and giving me the lovely award. I have now added it to my Bling page and also added your blog to my Links page. Thank you once more!