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September 8, 2008

The "Sympathy Card" Goes a Long Way

I'm happy to report that Steve is doing A-OK. Debby and I went to the hospital this morning for about an hour to see him. We were both so relieved to see him sitting up, drinking coffee, with good colour and his sense of humour absolutely still in tact. Apparently he's been quite the cut up in the Critical Care Ward. He wants to go home now and may be discharged today, but he will be out of the office 4-6 weeks.

Meanwhile, we've been canceling everything on his schedule for the next month or so and formerly "difficult" opposing counsel have become extremely concerned to the point of offering their services if an emergency comes up in any of our cases. So our 3 regular "go to" attorneys have blossomed into 5-6 attorneys willing to help. Clients who were selfishly screaming, "ME ME ME ME IT'S ALL ABOUT ME" have been put in their place with the sentence, "Steve had emergency bypass surgery" and have all backed off. I tell ya, the sympathy card goes a long way when stuff like this happens.

Thanks so much for all of your thoughts and prayers. I am already much calmer than I was over the weekend (when I was stuffing my face with sugary comfort food). Seeing him sitting up and looking so good alleviated my worst case scenario pictures of him hooked up to machines and tubes.

Onwards and upwards.


  1. ***perks up at mention of sugary comfort food***

    I have just changed bosses, my beloved supervisor moving onward. She was like my mom, even though I am old enough to be hers. Family, indeed, and yeah, I know how you feel. :(

    Good thoughts going out to you and Steve!

  2. Anonymous2:37 PM

    May things get better for everyone - SOON!

  3. Glad to hear the good news.

    I'd been wondering about the "MeMeMe" people. SOmething finally shut them up. Pity it had to be Steve's ill health, but every cloud...

  4. Daisy - This is the longest place I've ever worked. I've told Steve he can't retire b/c I refuse to look for another job. Deb's been w/ him over 30 yrs.

    Diane - Thanks! Now all we need is for Brian to land a job w/ benefits.

    Val - After I did my blog post, I had a "memememe" client call. I referred him elsewhere. AND this guy owes us over $4000. Never pays, but expects us to drop everything when he calls.

  5. 'he's been quite the cut up in the Critical Care Ward...'

    *puzzled look*

    must be American English....

    psst - wanna set of rules of cricket? good stuff! ;)

  6. Gosh Jojo, I'm sure glad things turned out alright with Steve. Looks like we've both had our turns at the hospital lately. When TestCase ages out of our insurance, we're just going to bite the bullet buy an individual policy for him. With his condition, he has to have insurance. (What a racket!)
    After he felt better, he was chatting up the doctor trying to sell her a car! (Hey, what kind of car do you drive?)He will talk to anybody, anytime. That crazy kid drives me nuts.

  7. that's wonderful news; glad that he's gonna be fine...and that YOU are fine, too.

  8. good news!
    gosh joj-i've got so much to catch up on over here, i'm sorry! when i lost my hard drive last week i came back and had 138 posts to catch up on in google reader! needless to say, i've been neglecting everyone. anyhoo, glad to hear he's doing well! and i'm still praying for brians job:)

  9. Michelle in Maine12:25 PM

    Glad Steve is on the mend!!

  10. WR - I, too, have to translate the slang you (and my other UK bloggers) often use in your blog posts too! "Cut up" means he jokes around a lot.

    Claire - Here's to better days! *clink* But for the damn insurance issue!

    Fen - Yeah, I was pretty relieved to see him upright and taking nourishment. I was picturing him in the "heart surgery days of olde"

    Kris - Thanks so much. We need all the help we can get, job-wise!!

    Michelle - Thanks man! I owe you an email....

  11. Good for Steve. Glad to hear he is adjusting well.
    Also, I so understand the sugary solace you speak of. I have eaten myself up to 65 kgs!!!
    Stress is a horrid thing ;-)

  12. Lizzzard8:22 AM

    Hey Jojo,

    Glad to hear that Steve is feeling better and that other lawyers might indeed have a heart and not just a wallet. HE is one in a million and you deserve a terrific boss-as does Brian. Now to just get him one...

  13. Hey Jo, sorry it's been so long, I just wanted to say Hello. Good to hear things are going better :-)
    Cheers! xxx