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May 9, 2008

When I was tall

Everyone laughs when I tell them that I used to be taller than my friends, and one of the tallest kids in my class. They all say, "YEAH RIGHT! In what lifetime???" Well, there was a time when I was tall. It's just I shot up to 5' fairly young, then hit puberty at 11 and stopped growing.

While at Sharon & Paul's, she brought out an old photo album that had pics of various family members and of us kids during the holidays. Sharon kindly let me take this pic back with me so that I could scan it, to show that there was indeed a time that I was taller than her, even though I am younger than her.

This polaroid was taken on New Years Day, 1977. I can tell that it's '77 because of my ultra dorky haircut and wide leg pants (it was "decreed" that before I entered junior high in the fall of '76 that my long hair would be cut off. Believe me, it wasn't my idea). The girl on the far left is Marybeth, an old friend with whom I grew up, but sadly, from whom I drifted far apart years ago. It bums me out that we aren't friends anymore, considering we both grew up in each other's homes, but it happens. I was touched that she came to my dad's funeral, until I found out that her mother literally ordered her to be there.

Her family hosted an annual "Bloody Mary Brunch" on New Years Day and because her family was so well known in town, as well as being my parents' best friends, tons of people and their kids would show up at their house on New Years Day. Sharon & Diane's mom graduated from Sandwich High in the 50's and Marybeth's parents were her classmates so that's why Sha & Di were acquainted with Marybeth. So all of us kids would play outside in the snow while the grown ups sat inside and had their cocktails. Marybeth is 6 months younger than me and shares a birthday with Diane. Sharon is in the middle, and she 22 months older than me. I'm almost positive that the ginormous American car in the backround between MB & Sha is my parents' '76 Monte Carlo. Man that car had balls.

Unfortunately, this was the last time in my life that I was considered tall for my age.


  1. you're "tall" in other ways.

    are you feeling any better?

    did you ever eventually join the adults on new year's day for bloody marys?

  2. I am feeling better, yes, thank you.

    No, the last Bloody Mary Brunch that I remember was in 1979. After that if it was still held, my parents went but I didn't.

  3. Glad you're feeling better, JoJo.

    I had the same problem - tall for my age, till everyone else got taller!

    It's why I like tall men (anyone we know?) - as the dominant member of our group at school, I could only feel feminine if boyfriends were over 6'.

  4. Anonymous3:27 PM

    I could never describe myself as 'tall', more 'small but perfectly formed' ;0)

  5. I just tell people that I'm "Vertically Challenged".

    Needless to say, I despise Randy Newman's "Short People".

  6. Lol, you know, I remember when I was taller than everybody. I had a growth spurt before most the kids, so it was fun being the tallest girl. But, I'm only 5'6"-5'7". So, I'm definitely not the tallest girl anymore lol.

    Oh, and to answer your question from my blog (because I just noticed you posted a question), yes I'm out on the street with a partner. Fun times.

  7. Oh, and to answer your other question, lol, no I have not personally seen a tornado. However, if I had gone outside during the storms, I would have. The tornados have hit where I live more than once, I just never have gone out to see them.

  8. love this post!

    well, i'm 5 ft 7inches, and i am sadly, the tallest person in my family.

    and isn't it sad that at that age, when we are the tallest, we don't like it?

  9. It looks COLD. At least growing up in Oregon meant never having to deal with snow on New Years Day. Of course, it meant no white Christmases either, but it was otherwise a good trade.

  10. I was the same as you jojo... I left primary school 5'0" and was always taller than my twin brother as a child; sadly I didn't grow another itsy bitsy bit and stayed near the ground while he shot up to 6'0"

    it's just not fair; that's why I'm underheight for my weight!!!!!

  11. Maybe you should start your own Cocktail Brunch babe! Make your own tradition.

    Oh, and you were lucky. You grew UP. I also grew faster than my friends --- but in a BAD way. I had breasts by the time I was 9 yrs old!!! So, I guess you can say, you grew UP and I grew OUT....hahahaha!