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May 15, 2008

In the mood for cute

Well my first week back has been a ballbuster, as usual. I don't know why I would expect anything different. Our weather is turning hot for tomorrow and the weekend which I am not on board with. Oh how I dread the hot summer months and long for the cool fall days.

I just got my pics back from my trip and have to sort them. I had to get duplicates so that I can send them to my mom and cousins. They'll get blogged over the weekend.

Had an amusing incident last Friday with mah doggies. Brian forgot his wallet at home and needed it to register for the work trip to Oregon this week. I was pretty sick, but offered to meet him halfway b/t home and work. The whole ride there and back, Pepper took up all the room in the backseat. Poor Sagie was sitting bolt upright in the corner of the back seat, swaying b/c the seat kind of goes up a bit there. I was looking at them in the rearview mirror and cracking up.

We got home and I was mucking about on Facebook upstairs. Pepper is asleep on the floor behind me. I thought Sagan was on his couch but he was nowhere to be found. I called to him, and got no response. I went downstairs and checked around. Imagine my utter shock to find him in the family room, curled up IN PEPPER'S BED. He has never, ever done that before. He wouldn't get off her bed till she wandered into the family room and saw him. Then, and only then, did he get off her bed and strut past her. It never ceases to amaze me just how smart he is, and how he had the ability to formulate a plan to get back at her.

When Brian's out of town, Sagan tries to push the envelope with me more than he ever does when daddy is home. Last night he was outside and refused to come in. I grabbed his fave squeak toy, Quackers, and was squeaking it and saying, "C'mon Sagie! C'mon!" Next thing I know, Quackers is plucked out of my hand. I turn around to see Pepper scurrying to her bed with Quackers in her mouth. Needless to say, that got him inside pretty quick.

So without further adieu, I bring you some recent ultra cute Cheezburger and Hotdog pics.


  1. that is too funny! i can't believe sagan did that to her on purpose! just like a brother and sister tho.

  2. hmmm, the 2nd one (from the top) looks suspiciously familiar.

    oh, your two doggies...they each have their own agenda

  3. OMG, that panda is just too precious!

  4. Smart doggies. I wonder if my dog would get smarter if she had another dog to motivate her. Somehow I doubt it. She's not exactly a scholarship student, if you know what I mean.

  5. I can't decide if dogs are smart in packs or just crafty...maybe both.I like the seal(?) one and the panda ones,so cute.

  6. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Well, I think the UK had summer last week, because we just put the heating back on!

    Celebrate it's Friday and the end of your first week back - I hope!

  7. Dogs have the intelligence to plan. Cats have the intelligence not to.

  8. :-D

    Sagan & Pepper are obviously close if they can pull tricks like that...just like a couple of kids

    Thank you for the pics too..I have to stay away from both those sites unless I have a couple of hours to spare :-D

  9. Lizzzard7:17 PM

    Well Vermont had it's one week of summer too.....the pellet stoves are back running!

  10. I talked to my brother today...Seattle is expecting 90 degree heat tomorrow. He's thrilled!

    I love the last picture, reminds me of one of my kids :)

  11. lol! those pictures are sooo cute!

    my dog has been acting a bit wild. i can let him out without a leash, but sometimes he makes me nervous because he'll run pretty far away, do his business, look at me and then run back. sometimes im just afraid he wont run back lol. thats just the mommy in me i guess. :P

  12. I love your doggy stories... they (the doggies) are so cute and so entertaining

  13. jojo- i need your address. you send me all these wonderful postcards and i want to return the favor. :) just e-mail it to me