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April 6, 2008

I love my doggies

Here are some recent pics of my sweet little furkids. If it seems like there are more of Sagan, that's because there are. It's not that we don't take pics of Pepperbean, we have an entire scrapbook full. But she's always had a love/hate relationship w/ my camera. She'll intentionally turn away or just give me this withering look as I pose her for the shot. But other times, when she's in the mood, she will give me a big smile.

Boopie, on the other hand, is a complete ham. He loves to have his picture taken. He's always up for it. If it seems fun for us, then it's fun for him too. What's especially hilarious is sometimes he'll be upstairs, looking out of our livingroom window with this bone in his mouth, perfectly grasped in the middle. We're always hoping that the neighbors can't's a bit embarrassing to have this 80+ lb. police dog looking out the window with an outragously large, bright yellow stuffed bone in his mouth.
He's such an angel. When he wants to be.

"We can has cheezburger!!!" Daddy brought home an extra cheezburger from Dairy Queen, so the kids were patiently waiting to nom on their speshul treat. Of course you can't tell from a still photo, but their tails were sweeping back and forth on the floor, in unison.

I was reading the paper and didn't know Snuggsy was snoozing on the floor below my couch. I tossed the section onto the floor and it landed on her. She never even woke up.

Fiercely guarding a new toy from Bubba, and giving me that, "seriously mom, enough with the camera" look.

Meanwhile on the other side of the room, Sagie keeps a watchful eye on "Quackers" the duck, and his red googie eye santa ball, which we just call "googie". We do have names for most of their toys. I mean why not, right? Pepper has a Snoopy dog that we call Noopies or NooNoo.

This is the cushion from Sagan's upstairs bagel bed, in the living room. No matter how many times I keep putting it back in the bed, he pulls it out and carries it around the house, sometimes whipping it from side to side and attacking it. Then he'll sit in the bed, without the cushion, so we've nicknamed the upstairs bed, "The S.S. Sagie" cause he looks like he's in a life raft. We call started calling the cushion "enemy" which of course morphed into, "emeny" then "m.m.e." The cushion ends up in the family room from time to time, but I keep bringing it back upstairs. This day he dragged it onto the couch and used it for a pillow, which we found quite adorable and endearing.


  1. your furkids look so precious! makes me really miss my german shepard from my childhood!

  2. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Jo-Meesha has a bone like that but it is off white, she loves the darn thing, she carries it by me then tries to tease me into playing with her, which I do. Your two are absolutely adorable, can see why you love them so much. Aren't they wonderful!!!!! Jean

  3. i love hearing about how animals manipulate their environments.

    i, rather, loganne, has lotsa toys, but, she hides them...i find them stuffed into the cushions of the couch or under my pillow on the bed.
    would love to get her together with sagan

  4. Lizzzard9:32 PM

    They are soo sweet! Give them hugs and kisses from me!!!

  5. too, too cute! it's so funny how their different their pesonalities are;0)

  6. They're both very handsome!

  7. They are sweet cuties!

  8. they remind me of my grandchildren... bless 'em

    Boaz is a right poser and loves to look at the pics when I'm done, but Moriah couldn't give a monkeys

    still your muts are real cuties; I think they could even turn me into a dog lover

  9. Oh, I can totally tell those tails were sweeping that floor in anticipation! I love my sweet doggies too. My new baby Mia is just freaking adorable. Since I've recently suffered pet losses, I'm paranoid about something happening to her.
    You know I think your furchildren are so beautiful too!

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  11. Hello Sweet Babies! Your mommy is very nice to buy you all those toys :)

  12. They're sweet!!
    I miss my mad kitty...

  13. I do love seeing pictures of your furbabies...except they make me want a dog day I'll get one!!!!