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April 24, 2008

Facebook is my crack

"Hi, my name is Joanne..."
Hi Joanne!
"....and I'm addicted to Facebook".

Lawdy lawdy lawdy. Ever since Axe, and some of my other friends, invited me to join Facebook, I've been a Facebook fiend. I put it off joining for awhile b/c I thought it'd be like My Space. Not that there's anything wrong w/ My Space, I just never bothered to open up a My Space page b/c it didn't seem like there was much I could do w/ it. Little did I know how much fun Facebook really is.

I can't get enough of it. It's unbelievably fun and so interactive. Brian started a Facebook for himself but he finds it a bit too "ADD" for him. lol

The one thing I don't like is that you are required to forward applications requests to your friends in order to get them to stick on your own page. Until I built up my friends network, I had to bombard some of you guys with tons of requests in order to get the applications onto my own page. Or as my cousin Sharon very tactfully put it, "You've been a real firecracker on Facebook, haven't you?" So, for those of you with pages who don't update regularly, like Sharon, I apologize for the mass carpet bombing of applications requests from me. Although in my defense, I have sent some of you guys Vincent D'Onofrio flash.....

On Tuesday, I had to call in sick b/c I'd twisted my ankle on Monday afternoon. I wanted to stay home and keep ice on it. Now, everyone who knows me well, knows that I cannot sit still. When we were first married, my constant buzzing around used to make Brian practically hyperventilate. I've mentioned before that his nickname for me is "Schmaby" so when I start buzzing around the house doing stuff, we call it "Schmabing". So there I am on Tuesday, on the couch, and I start to fidget. My mind starts to race, "I have soooo much to do. What cleaning can I do w/o having to be on my feet?" I put that thought to rest quickly b/c I knew I'd get read the riot act when Brian got home. In fact, he even called me at 9:00 a.m. to make sure I wasn't cleaning. He graciously granted me the use of his laptop computer, in order to keep me sedentary. I found out that it is possible to spend an entire day on Facebook. By 3:00 pm, I couldn't even feel my ass, because I'd been sitting so long.

So with every spare minute of my day, after I make my regular blog rounds, I am on Facebook. As soon as I see that my boss is on a phone call, I dart over to Facebook. The second he takes a client in his office or leaves for Court, I'm on Facebook.

Well, gotta go for now.....Facebook awaits.


  1. hi, jojo
    i have...either facebook or my space...which just shows you how often i used it...or the other. it's bad enough that i spend 90% of all of my free time online, anyway...i'm afraid that i'd become addicted to facebook/my space too.

    (i only joined facebood/myspace, 'cause i'm cyber-stalking someone!!! :) )

  2. Sorry Jojo I have both Myspace and Facebook and two Blogger accounts!Sorry I helped get you "hooked".

  3. I have MySpace but never use it. What with the Vixen blogs, nad Molly's, I don't ahve time. But now I know why we don't see you over at Molly's!

  4. VDO-world already keeps me busy enough to go nowhere and do nothing but feast my eyes, I just don't have any time for anything else! Glad to hear you're enjoying yourself there anyway ;0)

  5. We all know that I tend to leave my Facebook up all day. Haha.

  6. Kathleen - Congrats on your acceptance to UVM!!! ;D

  7. Hee hee, thanks! And how did you find this out? FACEBOOK!!!! Haha.

    I'm super-excited. However, I'm soooo exhausted from University of Toronto's rigorous exam schedule that I'm too pooped to really realize that I'm not going to be back here after next week. The excitement of not going to a class here ever again will set in, and then the realization that this is my last week with my girls and boys will set in. And then I'll realize that I'll be with my old friends (and boyfriend, added perk) at UVM, so I'll be super happy again.

    But for now, I'm too tired to realize that I really got in.

    Yes, I'm going to bed now. :D

  8. my youngest has facebook. me? i already get sucked into the blog vortex too much, so i am afraid to add more idle time to my life. i did set up my space a while back, which is how i stay caught up with my oldest in san francisco.

  9. i haven't looked into facebook yet. i hear alot of people talking about it and have gotten 2 invitations in the last couple of weeks. but i hesitate b/c i have signed myself up for so much junk on the internet that it scares me sometimes. i have a myspace, but only b/c it was the only way to look at my friends private accounts. i don't like myspace b/c everytime i get at all interested in doing something w/ it i can never figure out how to do anything on there, or even ohw to get around. imo, it's not userfriendly.

  10. Kris - that's the beauty of Facebook. There are so many fun applications to trade and send to your friends. It's a blast. I hope you DO open a Facebook page!!

  11. I wish I had time to check into facebook, hopefully one of these day's!

  12. facebook is EVIL! EVIL, i tell ya!

    that is the reason why i will never, ever, ever, ever, ever become a part of this monster...
    i don't like myspace either, but i had to get at least an account a few months ago, to check the new pictures of friends that i couldn't see otherwise.

    boy, these sites really kill spare time. ;)

    facebook is pretty much unknown in germany, but when i came here that was pretty much all everyone around me talked about. it is crazy! when you sit in a newsroom and people talk about stuff that happened on facebook just like we talked about the shows we watched back in school.
    this is evil, i tell ya... ;)

  13. um..I have a facebook account,myspace,livejournal and blog :-(

    Somehow I always end up back with blogger,probably because I like sharing pics but I'm not so good with personal stuff.

  14. Love the lol cats. Can't get enough of those critters!

  15. Oh, and now that FB added IM functions, I can hardly get a break in between!!!