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December 9, 2007

Feelin' Much Better

I just want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for the kind comments, emails and phone calls over the past few days. You have no idea how much it meant to me.

I figured out one of the reasons why I was so chaotic and twirly on Thursday....apparently it was I found out this morning quite by surprise. Let's just say that perimenopause is NOT being good to me. Between the night sweats and wildly fluctuating cycle, no wonder I was a mess last week.

Anyways, I want to say a special Thank You to my cousin Bobbie, who sent me a really great email with insights, info and suggestions that gave me some stuff to mull over. I'll be emailing you back soon Bobbie!!

It's a wonderfully quiet Sunday and as I type this, the snow is falling. It won't last and won't stick, but it's so pretty and peaceful to watch. I finished making cards yesterday and today Brian's promised to help me put up some decorations.

Well I am going to join Brian upstairs and enjoy the snow.

Thanks again everyone. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!


  1. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Good to know you're feeling better dear - enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  2. Kristy2:30 PM

    So glad you're feeling better. I've been thinking about you all week. Keep us posted, okay?

  3. glad you're feeling better...yep, that damned pms will getcha everytime!

  4. Good to know you're feeling better Jojo! It's been snowing here too, last count...11" Ours sticks!

  5. We just got a dusting but it's very cold so it stuck around.

  6. glad to hear you're feeling better. please do keep us posted. hope the things your cousin suggested help you figure some of this out;)

  7. I must say, I felt a lot better when I was relieved of my uterus 4 years ago. I still have my ovaries but for some reason I just do not experience wild and crazy PMS anymore. Thank God!!
    So happy you are feeling better. We heard from FPM today that it was snowing in McMinnville (Oregon) as he was walking to the library in his shorts! What a goofball.

  8. great to hear that you're feeling better, really happy about that. feel better for a looong time, okay?
    we all love you back. sending you nice and warm thoughts (from germany right now).