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November 9, 2007


It's been a rough week for many of my all know who you are. But alas, it's Friday. Time to head home as early as possible and recharge our batteries for next week. Does anyone have anything good planned? It's going to be a rainy and somewhat blustery weekend here in the Pacific NW, which is a bummer because Annie (from "Cozy Shack") is on vacation in Seattle. It's a shame she won't get to see Mt. Rainier in all its snowy glory.

We have nothing planned except for watching football and I'd like to make some jewelry with the beads I recently bought.

Anyways, to cheer you up and end your week with a smile, I've dipped into one of my fave sites, I Can Has Cheezburger, and posted these really amusing pics.
Not with the price of gas these days!
This one is definitely photoshopped, but it really, really cracked me up. For those of you not familiar with Philly, it's not the world's safest city....I call it "The City of Brotherly Shove".

Aw! This one's sooooooo cuuuuuute!!!
Kitteh? What kitteh?

Take that you obnoxious cockney GEICO gecko! Bring back the Cavemen commercials!!

This one I like to call "If Brian was a kitteh". (love ya, hunny xoxoxoxo)


  1. Cute pictures!!! Have a good weekend JoJo :)

  2. does brian know that he resembles that cat?
    this weekend, i plan on sleeping, posting something on my blog, sleeping, taking loganne for a long walk, sleeping, watching football, sleeping, maybe going to the mall, sleeping, cleaning the car, sleeping, going to the hockey game tomorrow night, sleeping and sleeping. have a wonderful weekend and go huskies and ducks and beavers and, of course, the huskers, the irish and the wolverines!!!!

  3. I'll be watching football. My beloved Wildcats are hosting Lewis and Clark for their last game of the season. We will watch via the internet on the big screen.

  4. Thanks for the pics they madde me laugh and I needed that:)

  5. Kristy8:41 PM

    Love me some lol cats! Thanks!

  6. plans for the weekend? watching football, and hopefully getting my new pc set up:) and possibly watching the bobby i got in the mail to day:) sounds perfect!

    good luck to all our boys!

  7. *lol*
    cpr cat leaps into action! *rofl*
    oh, and urge to kill rising... priceless!
    i just found something funny while searching for b-day cards for my mom. it relates a little to your last post:

    God grant me the Senility to forget the people I never liked anyway,
    the good fortune to run into the ones I do,
    and the eyesight to tell the difference.

    have a nice weekend, jojo! :D

  8. Anonymous11:01 AM


    Those are awesome. love the one w/the beer sacking out on the sofer.

  9. I love the expression on the dressed-up kitty. I empathise totally with its feelings.