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October 30, 2007

Creative Samhain

It's Halloween, aka Samhain, tomorrow!! I wish daylight savings time had ended last Sunday like it used to. But don't get me started on the "I Hate Daylight Savings Time" rant....Anyways, over the years we've started to amass a pretty large amount of Halloween decorations. We've scaled back the last couple of years because Sagan's just a bit too, um, "enthusiastic" yet for us to trust him around the Halloween tree w/ decorations & lights or the little Halloween village that has houses and characters that are reminiscent of a Tim Burton movie.

Once I learned how to cross stitch about 7 years ago, I realized a whole new world had opened to me in the decorations-department. My fave kits are from the Mill Hill Company, because they offer beaded cross stitch kits, like the one below. The 2 pumpkins and the witch are actually pretty ceramic buttons. The ghosts are done in white beads and the house is a mix of stitched beads and floss. I just finished a wicked cool Thanksgiving-themed beaded cross stitch and I'll post that next month. Click on the picture and you can really see the beads! I had to have this pattern when I saw it in the catalog. Fortunately, I did not have to stitch all that black; Aida cross stitch cloth comes in black, white & ecru. All I had to do was stitch the design. Even the black part of the witch is just the black cloth. I kind of fucked up the count on the moon so it's not quite the time I realized my mistake, it was too late to rip out what I'd done, so I fudged it.

This is also a cross stitch that is one of my faves and I had a lot of fun with all the pretty colours. The most tedious part of this pattern was stitching the 8 skulls on the bottom.

Moving on to the Food Arts section of our program, isn't this a hoot? I saw the recipe in a magazine for "Ghosts in the Graveyard", sponsored by Cool Whip. I used to make this for Brian to bring in to his job on Halloween every year, both in California and Washington. Brian was the genius who solved my ghost problem. I don't have a pastry or icing bag, and Brian told me to cut the corner out of a baggie and use that. Brilliant. Snaps for Brian! Email me if you want the recipe; it's really easy and quick. And it tastes gooooooood too.

Before anyone raves over my pumpkin-carving skills, let me just say that if you own one of those carving pattern kits, you absolutely cannot screw up a pumpkin. This pattern, "Scream" was in the kit. The kids really seem to like this one as it always got the most comments.I've done a design from the kit for years, but apparently none of the photos I shot came out good because while I remember shooting them, hardly any made it into my photo albums. This one I did in 1997, when "The X-Files" was super popular. I found the logo and kept blowing it up on the copy machine till it was large enough to trace onto the pumpkin with the tools from the kit.

OOooooo....trippy and scaaaarrryyyyyy...... The large glowing triangular thing is our purple lava lamp in all it's gooey purple glory. Then the X-Files pumpkin, and then the purpley thing is a Van de Graff electricity ball. I'm sure you've all seen them, they shoot coloured lightning out of a ball in the center, but when you touch the outside of the glass globe, the lightning jumps to the tips of your fingers.

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween Everyone!!


  1. BOO! Happy Halloween JoJo!

    I love the cool whip 'ghosts in the graveyard' :)

    What kind of candy are you passing out this year?

  2. Taffy, Smarties and Reeses, if Brian surrenders the Reeses bag....


  3. I'll be working tonight so I'll miss the ghosts and goblins :(

    Save some Reeses (if you can get them away from Brian) for me!

  4. oooooh, the cross stitch, 'specially of the witch flying across the moon...and instead of telling us that you screwed up the count, just say that it's not a full moon, it's a gibbous moon.



  6. Lov the cross stitch! I am a cross stitch addict:)

  7. oooh, a graveyard to eat, including ghosts! it looks delicious!

    and respect for the creative pumpkins, they look waaaay cool. :D

  8. JoJo, how do you MOVE in your house for stuff? I thought I was bad!

  9. h a p p y *** h a l l o w e e n

    I got home quite late today,
    so think I've missed most of
    the trick or treaters; shucks
    what do I do with all the
    goodies... hmmm... let me think

    yummy... more for me!

    I love your creativity.... ab brill

    lotsa luv ann xxxx

  10. Now YOU have the Halloween/Samhain spirit! Hope it's fun at your household tonight.

  11. HAPPY belated HALLOWEEN!!!!!

    I just LOVE the ghosts in the graveyard...cute and delicious!!!
    Mind you, I like most of the stuff you got there!!

  12. Kristy1:11 PM

    Your cross stitch? Those 8 skulls might have been tedious, but that's my favorite one of all!

    Happy Halloween!

  13. Now that looks like a cool Halloween! We changed our clocks on this side of the pond last weekend. Takes some getting used to; I keep thinking it's much later than it is ;0)

  14. Love your pumpkins! I just go free form with mine and so they often look goofy.