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September 4, 2007

Levi's Commercial 1970-Claymation

Do you ever find yourself humming a commercial jingle over and over? How about for the past 30 years? Well, thanks to YouTube, I have located one of those commercials. I'm just glad I'm not going crazy because no one else remembered this at all!! Every time I've heard "Levi's", I've started singing this jingle. Do any of you remember it?


  1. i don't remember this one, but, boy do i remember the rice krispies jingle...
    "snap, what a happy sound, snap is the happiest sound i found..."

  2. Quality went right out of style and in the toilet with that crapass commercial...

  3. Mark - NO WAY DUDE! That was an awesome commercial!!! Of course I was like 11 and you were what, 30? lol

  4. Ouch, Mark!
    Are you THAT old, hon?

    Can't wait for the retort on that one....

  5. Anonymous10:03 AM


    JoJo-I absolutely remember it. Before I played it I was singing it in my head. great find.

  6. Actually what I meant by that comment to Mark is that the commercial is for Levi's Youth clothes, so it was targeted to my demographic of 10-14 year olds & I prolly saw it on Sat. morning TV. That's why I love the commercial so much. Mark would have been too old for it at the time.

  7. "Of course I was like 11 and you were what, 30? lol"

    LOL! Actually, I was like, exactly eleven too. Missed that one, thankfully as we weren't in the States at the time.

    How fucking old did you people think I was???

  8. We never had these in the UK. But the song that's been wedged in my brain for days is "Big Yellow Taxi" - especially the lines about having the spots on the apples and keeping the birds and the bees. That song was so ahead of its time.

  9. Fenway: I feel like it sometimes.

    JoJo: If you were 14 in 1979, you most certainly were NOT 11 in 1970.

    I told you whippersnappers that New Math was a bunch of horsepucky.

    Where'd I leave my teeth?

  10. "having the spots on the apples and keeping the birds and the bees. That song was so ahead of its time."

    Actually,. it wasn't. It was written as a reference to Rachel Carson's work that led to "Silent Spring" and the banning of DDT. So it was exactly right for it's time.


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  12. oops, that was me...

    Mark - the YouTube title said "1970" and that's how it transferred over to my blog, but I remember this airing in about 75-78.

  13. FINE. Just find my gotdamn dentures, missy!