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September 6, 2007

Another oldie but goodie

This one absolutely stopped me dead in my tracks and captivated my imagination. It was the first time I ever saw the TransAmerica Pyramid and I longed to see this building in real life (now I have about a million photos of it). And the one and only reason I own an Ink Spots CD is because of this ad.

BTW, if any of you have seen that new, trippy Fruit of the Loom commercial with an old-time, Ink Spotsy type singer crooning "I had a dream that you were mine...", you will see that it was influenced by this old ad.


  1. what pyramid... I was admiring her makeup

  2. i remember this one...but, HE is not with whom i'd want to share the fantasy!!!

  3. Makeup? There were people in this commercial? lol

  4. You mean the TransAmerica schwantz, don't you?


    We3 caall it "the Pyramid" here, JoJo.

  5. Mark - yeah I know it's call The Pyramid. I love that building! Maybe one of these days I'll post my pics of it.

    Schwantz. You really crack me up.

  6. Hhhmmmmm....Jojo, aren't yo going to start posting vintage porn too? Like the first adult film ever made...or........pleeeaaazzee???

    I'm not big on commercials, bare with me.

  7. D'you know, I was once in a department store passing by the perfume counter when I heard a daughter say to her mother, "'Ere, mum, there's some o' that Chain'l number 5". Not forgetting the dyslexic boy who moaned to his mother, "Eurghh, mum, look, LION chops" (as spposed to LOIN, see?).

  8. Anonymous10:19 AM


    I love Axe's idea. That would be cool and hot. I remember that ad. Brings back memories of living down there. I think I've even been in the building.

  9. "bare with me."

    That is an invitation I could never refuse, Axe!

    (I think she meant "bear". Or maybe not...)

  10. Knowing Axe, she meant "bare".

  11. Lizzzard9:56 AM

    Jojo, this was the only one of those commercials I remember -
    and I have an Inkspots CD too.
    Now I fear that damn Levi's tune will be stuck in my head.

  12. Love the phallic imagery.
    Oh ya, axe meant 'bare'.
    Mark you are such a perve, teehee (couldn't resist teasing you about that, again!)

  13. "couldn't resist teasing you about that, again!"

    Maybe I'm a perv because all you women are just teases...


  14. sadly i don't have the patience to let my computer load this, but i do remember the ink spots!