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May 5, 2007

Nothin' Shakin' on Shakedown Street used to be the heart of town.

Just wanna promo my hubby's new blogtalk radio show, "Shakedown Street" which begins tomorrow (Sunday) May 6 at 4:00 p.m. Pacific, 5:00 Mountain, 6:00 Central and 7:00 Eastern. He's starting w/ a half hour show, just in case no one calls in or he runs out of things to talk about (to which I said, "fat chance"). I have a link on my blog roll, but here it is anyway:

The photo he used on the page is the one I took of him in the early 90's at City Lights Bookstore. I came up w/ the idea and dragged him out the door, with him protesting that we'd never find parking, but I told him we were going to double park and be there 5 minutes, tops. I had him wear the floppy leather hippy hat we'd bought in Colorado on Pike's Peak, and posed him against the window. I told him to put his foot up on the wall, put a cancer stick in his mouth, and look towards Chinatown.

As most people know, the Grateful Dead is from the San Francisco Bay Area. They lived and were based out of Marin County since leaving Haight Ashbury in the 60's. It wasn't until after Jerry died that I found out that the cover of this album is depicting a street in San Rafael's gritty Canal District. After I looked at it closely, I was like, "Oh yeah! There's the bowling alley!" Duh.

Speaking of music, Brian and I had a debate of sorts this morning. I came home from the grocery store and he greets me with, "I can't find any of the Janes Addiction CD's". I said, "Did you try looking under J?" and he says, "Yes but they aren't there!" So I go downstairs, pull out the drawer, flip a few CD's and said, "They're right here! How could you have missed them?" And that started the debate. He saw the Elton John CD's and assumed he was in the "E's". I said, "Why would I put Elton John in E? His last name is John! So his CD's come after Janes" and Brian said, "Because the artist is Elton John so it goes under E for Elton." I said, "He's not a band, he's a singer, so he goes under J for John. Jethro Tull goes under J because they are a band." He begged to differ. This from the man who put his telephone number under "M" for "My Apartment" back in the late 80's. Thoughts anyone?

I was pretty incommunicado last week, blog-wise. Steve's left for NYC for his daughter's graduation from NYU. I cannot believe she's finished college. When I started working for him, she was still in high school!! So we were really busy at the office, literally milling work from dawn to, well, not dusk since it gets dark here at 8, but at least till late afternoon.

My dentist is stalking me. Seriously. A few weeks back I got one of those "reminder" cards in the mail. I was like, "yeah yeah, whatever, I'll get around to it." Then I get a second reminder card, "we still haven't heard from you." That one went in the garbage. So I'm at work last week and Debby calls in that Dr. Rhodes office is on the phone. Well, he's also a client of our office so I answer, "Hi this is Joanne, can I help you?" and she goes, "Hi Joanne, I'm calling to schedule your cleaning appointment." Sheesh.

I took yesterday off to begin spring cleaning upstairs. I got a lot done. Started at 8:30 with the livingroom (even did the windows!), washed walls, cleaned out the hall closet (I think the hangers had mated because I threw out about a hundred of them), cleaned the bathroom, bedroom and made a significant dent in the kitchen. A welcome break came at 2 when Julie called me so that we could lust over the various blog photos from "Rocketman". But I was a cleaning tornado, lemme tell ya. I used the SpotBot on the carpet and while it does a great job getting out the spot, I now have large bright white spots which only emphasize how absolutely disgustingly filthy the carpet is.

At about 4, I ran out of steam. My legs hurt, my back hurt, my feet hurt.....but I had planned to finish the kitchen today. Needless to say I could barely move when I got up this morning and decided maybe next time I shouldn't throw myself into 7.5 hours of nonstop cleaning. So the fridge & kitchen light fixture remain untouched, and I didn't clean the stairs and entry (we have a split level) today either. I'll get to it.

Don't kick me out of the Vincent Groupies group, but I fell asleep watching "The Thirteenth Floor" this afternoon on the FX channel. Not for lack of interest, but from sheer exhaustion. Ash and Whit are so adorable, but I could not keep my eyes open.

Anyways, I hope that my Stateside friends and family can tune into Brian's debut show tomorrow; I realize it'll be like 2:00 a.m. over in Europe. Thereafter, he will be on Sundays from 4-4:30, and may increase to a one hour show. I have been banned from the room b/c he will be too self conscious, so I won't even get to listen to it!!


  1. I will definitely try to listen. Maybe you could come to my house and clean as sort of a bribe.... No I wouldn't do that to my worst enemy. I haven't cleaned that hard in-----Years:) I admit it I'm not what you can call neat. If you listen real carefully you can hear my husband laughing hysterically in the back ground saying that is a slightly misleading statement!!

  2. jojo, take it from me, going to the dentist is just SO much Fun! Oh, you'll love it...NOT!
    I'll try to listen in tomorrow. Good luck Brian!

  3. now now jojo. cleaning teeth is important! lol

    and i agree with you. elton john should be categorized under the j's :)

  4. oh! and i wanted to tell you! i might be up in washington state this summer when i visit my 2nd family in idaho... i might go up to washington to see my dad's girlfriend in spokane. are you anywhere around there?

  5. I used to live in the Canal. Used to walk home past a space they kept there all the time. The tipoff was the huge tractor-trailer parked outside with "GD Productions" on the door. I was told that it was a studio. Mayhap, but I suspect it was actually equipment storage.

    The Canal WAS gritty back then, now it's a complete sewer.

    On the abbreviation thing, your husband's right. But don't get on my case about my blogroll. It's an abbreviation tangle and I can't be arsed to fix it.

  6. Shit. I meant YOU are right, not your husband.

  7. I'd wish Brian luck, but I doub he needs it!

    As for the categorising, it seems many couples have disagreements about that - women make logical choices and men intuitive ones - which is counter-intuitive in itself. Anyway, all it means is they are wrong and we are right. Nothing new there then.

    You could alway throw things out completely by filing Elton John under "D" on the grounds that his real name is Reg Dwight!

  8. We alphabetize like you do Jojo and as long as my Jane's cd are there (I have had them stolen from me-twice) I don't acre what they are under BUT here they are in the J's.Names use last,band names use first,easy stuff!

  9. Anonymous3:36 PM


    You have been a busy morsel these past few days. I will try to tune into Brian's show. My ass has been glued to my computer doing homework so I'll try to give 'er a go.

    I have no doubts that Brian will do a great job today.