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May 9, 2007

My alter ego

Julie never had a chance to see my little chibi, made last summer so here she is, my alter ego. My cousin Sharon keeps asking me to please put pants on her, but I think she looks hotter w/o them.
Brian had checked out my blog at that time, and came up with a little short story, based on this character and my commute (BTW, at home, I'm always in flannel pajamas).
Again, sorry about the "c" word, for anyone who might be offended:
"She wiped the blade of her sword on her flannel pajama bottoms before reaching behind her and stowing it in the sheath she wore across her back. Looking at the woman in the car, 2 screams frozen on her body: One on her face, a frozen slit of red lipstick, the other about 6 inches lower, a bloody gash where her throat was cut. She smiled grimly, reached in the car and put it into gear. The car idled slowly off the road and out of the way. 'Stupid cunt' she thought she she strode back towards her car, her leg muscles flexing smoothly & powerfully beneath the pink flannel."


  1. Your husband's a naughty boy.

  2. Yes, yes he is.

  3. Cute avatar! violent story. boys will be boys :)

  4. Yes, it is a violent story, but none of you guys have ever seen me in full-on, pissed off road rage when someone's driving slow in the fast lane yakking on their phone and won't pull over.

  5. Anonymous9:14 PM


    chibi is so cute. i love her. i want an alter ego too. great scenario. Brian's funny. don't you wish you could really do stuff like that when morons piss you off?

  6. No pants gets my vote too...