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April 27, 2007

Thanks to Tess & Diane for the idea....

The Valentine Cat's play on words for their Friday post got the Elvis Costello song stuck in my head:

"She is watching the detectives.'ooh, he's so cute!'....."

Actually, I'm surprised none of us thought of this before.....


  1. Honestly,I DID but I don't know how to set pictures/video to music yet.I love that song!I do want to do a video for Mr. Bad Guy by Freddie Mercury with villains....Lex,Edgar,Darth,Hanibal,etc.It would be awesome!I have a whole list of cillains for it and the right version of the song....

  2. It wasn't going to be called that at all, but it just popped into my head and stayed there. Lovely post Jojo, and thank you for the compliment ;0)

  3. Anonymous8:22 PM


    and so CUTE he is.

  4. I actually made a video with that song...unfortunately it features's on YouTube

    Eliza xxxx

  5. oh too too cute....

  6. Well, this is certainly a detective to watch. And watch, and watch, and watch, and...