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February 27, 2007

Cape Cod

Man, the processing of these black & whites are all over the map!! Anyway, here are some more black & whites out of my albums. I figured I'd scan some more in before I put the albums away. Springhill Beach, East Sandwich, Massachusetts - 2005
I'm not sure but I think this is the door at The Hoxie House in Sandwich - 1989.

The sun was just going down when I took this, so I had to shoot the reflection more than the trees & their reflection. This was taken on Old County Road in East Sandwich. My parents live about 3/4 of a mile from here, and I used to walk Old County Road all the time when I was a kid. I wouldn't feel safe doing it now, though.

An abandoned building in West Barnstable, MA - 1987

Another "quintessentially Cape Cod" photo of the salt marshes behind Springhill Beach, E. Sandwich - 2005. My parents used to have a beach cottage on Springhill and I have many happy memories of playing on the beach, then crossing the dirt road and playing in the salt marshes. My dad sold the cottage in 1977 so as to finance my college fund.

This photo doesn't look as washed out in my album. It's an "artsy fartsy" shot that I titled "The Blizzard of '87". My coworkers and I were snowed in at Channel 58 in Hyannis, in Feb. 1987. About 12-15 of us spent the night huddled in the cold, powerless TV station, but we had a blast. Someone thought to go to the "package store" earlier in the day before the storm picked up, and got beer. (For those of you not from Massachusetts, you can only buy beer, wine and liquor at a package store, and never on Sundays).
There was only one landline phone that worked, and it was in the pitch dark basement. We went down there to use the phone to try to find a hotel with vacancy, and which was close enough for us to walk to, without dying in the blizzard. At one point, whoever was holding the flashlight pointed it at the floor, and what I saw were 3 pairs of feet and a beer bottle that one of my friends had set on the floor. I thought it'd make a great photo, so in the spring, I dragged Peggy, Jack and Jeff outside to recreate it.


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  2. Sure,we have a few "package stores" though most of them are simply ABC stores,all under state control.They sell ONLY liquor,no wine or beer.For those you most go to a grocery store or one of our new industries to replace tobacco....vineyards.

    I hear that in NY this is not so and you can get liquor for varying prices and get deals on it!Not so here!Oh,and NEVER on Sundays here either.Most grocery stores won't sell on Sundays either,alcohol that is.

  3. I sure like the old house and the tree reflections JoJo, thanks for bringing back the good times in your life.

  4. Anonymous10:31 AM


    amazing again JoJo. I love your work.

  5. Love your black & whites, it has something that triggers my mind.
    Is it okay if I borrow 1 or 2? Would love to try something with it.

  6. Liz - yes, I'd be honored! Let me know what you've done with them!

    Bryde - In California you can get beer, wine and liquor, 24/7, in any grocery store. There's a store called "Beverages and More" which is amazing. Here, the state controls the liquor stores too.

  7. You are so artistic. The composition of these pictures is glorious.

  8. i really like the trees, that is so pretty:)

    shoot, up here you can get almost any kind of alcohol in almost any store, even walmart is stocked. right across the line though, they dont' sell on sundays.

  9. I love the photo with the shoes..

    Well, actually, I love all the photos!

  10. Nice job Jojo! Yeah, I remember ABC stores in Virginia where I grew up. Back in the day a lot of stuff simply could not be had on Sundays. Not here in good ol' Cali. You can get anything at anytime. It's a curse and a blessing...

  11. Anonymous8:53 PM

    i had to come back again. the last one w/the shoes is my favorite. especially since you came back and re-enacted it. great directing on your part. seriously, i am not kidding.

  12. Thanks 3 friends were rolling their eyes and laughing when I made them re-enact the photo.