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January 8, 2007

Pushing Maximum Density

I saw this cartoon tonite in the paper and I busted out laughing......

......because this is my fridge.Every time we go away, we try to get a fridge magnet. If I see a cute one in a store, I'll get it. We give them to each other as stocking stuffers, although Brian's started taking his to work for his file cabinets because we're running out of room at home.

Aren't the 1970's-era dark wood cabinets just ghastly?


  1. Cool fridge. Looks like mine. Did you attach that comic strip to it? "Ghastly cabinets!!" You are funny.

  2. My mother still loves her 1970's dark wood cabinet alas....

    How nice would a VDO fridge magnet be :0)

  3. Diane - I have a set of 6-7 of VDO fridge magnets that I got off of eBay....but they are in my nighttable drawer. ;)

  4. Lol! that's hilarious! as a kid we always posted our terrible drawings on the fridge lol. my mom used those cute magnets to hold them up!

  5. Looks like my fridge too. I also have funny pics of my dogs eating peanut butter. Hey don't worry about the cabinets, they will be back in style soon.

  6. My house is a 50's ranch...BUT I like the blue bathroom (yes it is all blue,even the tub and toilet).I have indulged my love of mod geometrics in it as well.

    I do wish our landlord would let us rip up the carpet,so the floors would be wood all through the house.With animals I HATE carpet because I am constantly cleaning it of paw prints and the occasional accident!

  7. I have a friend who tries to buy a bad taste fridge magnet wherever she travels. Her best/worst is a little plastic head of the previous Pope.

    Hey, white kitchens are all the vogue in the UK at present, and I had one for 15 years or more. They came into fashion just after I had mine ripped out and replaced with solid oak!