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January 2, 2007

For Tess

This is John Barrowman, current star of a show called "Torchwood" which is currently airing in the UK. I am not sure if BBC-America picked it up or not. I first became aware of him when he guest starred in the first season of "Doctor Who", in 2005, as "Captain Jack Harkness". He was only in the last few episodes of that season, but he made quite the impression on me. "Torchwood" is a spinoff of "Doctor Who". I believe when I first saw him, the first words out of my mouth were, "Wow, he's so good looking I could cry!" His biography says that he was born in Glasgow, Scotland and was raised in Joliet, IL. Here he is with Billie Piper and Christopher Eccleston on the Doctor Who set.
Sorry ladies, he's not straight in real life. His boyfriend is one lucky guy.


  1. aw tess gets a lot of post shout outs! must be one popular girl

    you know, i just think its wrong if the man im with wears pants smaller than me lol. i don't know, i'm just that way. some people think im crazy

  2. Hey l'oreal, I hear that!!! ;p

  3. Thanks for the info Jojo!! His boyfriend is VERY lucky :)

  4. he looks like a younger version of that guy from ncis.

  5. l'oreal-i agree with you on that note. male must be bigger than me.

    this guy has sexy lips. i love full lips on a guy.

  6. No, sorry, to me he's just a dead ringer for a waxwork of Tom Cruise (whom I can't stand!) I also heard from a Welsh actor (Celyn Jones)who teaches in a school where I sometimes work, and who was in an episode of the programme, that he's a real pain.

    BTW, Torchwood is an anagram of Doctor Who.

  7. what a waste ... as you say, lucky guy.

  8. Hey, big gay kissing in the penulitimate episode! IN THE 1940s!

  9. jojo:john Borrowman and Scott went through a civil partnership ceremony a week or so ago,so I guess he has a "husband" now :)

    Val:That scene was wonderful,although my heart belongs to Jack & Ianto,and we saw that kiss too....

    Eliza xxxx