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December 10, 2006

Then and Now

Ah, but how can you tell the difference between then and now???
The below is our wedding picture, taken June 27, 1989 in Attleboro, MA. It was about 95 degrees with 100% humidity. My friend Holly (the best woman) and I were 20 minutes late because of traffic. The flower child, Alicia (who was 7 at the time) was shrieking because she kept stepping in duck shit.Here's the wedding party: Holly (the Best Woman), Brian, me, Jef (the Man of Honor) and his daughter, Alicia (the Flower Child). I really feel old now because Alicia is now married! Jef's been living in the Bay Area since 1995 and Holly and her husband Stephen and their 2 young sons also live in the Bay Area.The next photo was taken in the summer of 2005, here in Washington. The photography studio is a client of my office. We were going in to have formal photos taken for Brian's mother's birthday gift. But when the photographers found out that we were Deadheads, they begged us to bring our tie dye hippie clothes so that they could finally use the giant tie dye backdrop they bought.


  1. Very sweet pictures, JoJo. I like the one of you guys in the tye dye.

  2. These are beautiful pictures JoJo. You have a swell looking family. I recently did a trek in downtown van and couldn't see any of the painted bears. Am planning to do some depressing street work in the near future. Cheers and Merry Christmas. DonW

  3. Wow! Never seen a piture with a tie-dye backdrop. You look so happy. In the wedding pictures, Brian looks like our dear DJ John Peel looked in his young days (he died a couple of years ago aged 64). John happened to be in Dallas at the time of President Kennedy's assassination, and a friend with a press card got him into the place where Oswald was being transferred from when Jack Ruby shot hi. Look in the photos for a Brian-lookalike but shorter.

  4. To quote Harrison Ford in 'Raiders' '...It's not the years honey, it's the milage!' Nice to meet you Jojo.


    Weird... I was thinking about your wedding just the other day. My '67 Dodge Dart vapor locked (and wouldn't start) whenever it got hot, but it got us there in style.

    Your honeymoon was great, too! (I'll let your reading public ponder that one.)

    XO- H.

  6. Hey dngrkitty! We must be on the same wavelength because I just emailed you to check out my blog today!!!

    The Dodge Dart got us around Dead summer tour in style too... although we could have died when the chunk of tire flew off in upstate NY!!

  7. wow.... jojo, they are wonderful pics and beautiful memories... your anniv is the same date as Rachel's birthday.

    lotsa luv ann xxxxx