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December 13, 2006

Christmas at SeaTac Airport

You all, no doubt, heard about the flap at SeaTac Airport this week when a rabbi merely suggested that a menorah also be placed in the airport along w/ the Krissmiss trees. In a knee-jerk reaction to the perceived threat of a possible lawsuit, the Port of Seattle removed ALL the trees. And then the snowball effect started of hate mail to Jewish centers and synagogues and letters to the newspapers, and apparently it made national and international news. The Port has since returned the trees to the airport.

Next year you can find me at Gate S9, and Brian will be at Gate C24.


  1. gosh we have loads of menorahs all over the place here along with the christmas trees....

    when I was in Florida years ago, there were alternate christmas and hannukah lights down the streets...

    some people just don't get it!!!

    lotsa luv ann xxxxx

  2. I have equal scorn for all religions, and therefore equal tolerance and intolerance. Tolerance for trappings such as Christmas trees and menorahs, intolerance of - well, intolerance, really.

  3. I live in a small town in Michigan, and we typically have alot of different symbols to celebrate with. I thought it was so crazy what a drastic step they took b/c of one complaint.

  4. val: a menorah is not a trapping, it is an essential part of our religion...

    lotsa luv ann xxxx