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December 20, 2006

The Aftermath I

Now that I'm finally back up and running from home again, I can post the pictures I shot the day after the storm. Here's a large branch across our front steps.

It may not look like much, but trust me, the limbs were large, heavy and many!!
A neighbor's trampoline was blown over the fence.
One of our problematic power lines
Looking up 190th Avenue at debris on the road (we live on 188th).This was the bane of our existance for the 5 days we spent in the dark, the snapped poles and downed lines on 190th Street. Cables and wires were all over the road.


  1. That is horrendous. I couldn't have imagined that.

  2. What a disaster! I'm just glad a tree didn't come through your roof!

  3. i thought i saw where you were about to get it again...not so fierce, but very high winds...hope your power holds this time.

  4. I would HATE to have to clear that up. You poor things. Have you managed to get stocked up again for Christmas?

  5. Good grief - you have been through the wars. We're still covered in fog (2 days running) in my bit of England, but at least nothing is being blown over...!