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November 28, 2006

Snow Day!!

We woke up today to snow and ice, and the WSDOT advised everyone to stay home and avoid driving. I told my boss I'd try to come in once it got sunny, but he told me not to try it because of the treacherous conditions. And even though it is sunny now, it's still in the 20's and the roads are very icy. I will probably work at some point over the weekend to make up for the time I've missed so far this week.
Last night the Seahawks came back to beat the Packers in what is becoming known as "The Seattle Snow Bowl". First time in history that it's snowed at a Hawks game.
Western WA has also broken the "wettest month" record by exceeding 15" of precipitation.
My doggies are enjoying chasing each other around in the snow; as you can see above, Pepper was having a great time this morning!
I'm trying to make good use of the day by preparing my holiday cards and packages to send out, and I really need to clean out "the cupboard under the stairs" which holds a lot of my craft supplies. It's getting like "Fibber Magee's Closet".


  1. I adore this photo! What a cute face. I was so happy the seachickens won last night. Great game, Hasselback sure recovered.
    My son is in college up in Oregon and he sent us a pic of snow covering their football field. I guess it doesn't usually snow there. Good thing we just sprang for a good all weather winter coat for the boy...

  2. Sweet doggililly!!!

    Hey, hon, hope you got my e-mail yesterday! Or otherwise, check my blog!

    Hell, I'm gonna miss you!

  3. Aaah! I remember struggling to work through the snow once. My boss at the time lived opposite the office we worked in, but up a hill. He called to say he wouldn't be in that day as he was worried it was too icy....

  4. Did someone say to the doggy, "Smile"?

  5. aww...what a cutie pie! Send us some cold- I had to turn the air on today (It was 82 here today-. I like the warmth, but, a little cold this time of year is nice! And oh- LOVE the "VDO" candy bar- ...packed with...I'll just stop! Enjoy the snow! It's so pretty! :)

  6. Nice photo, you even got him to smile. I saw part of the game on TV and thought I was going back in time watching a CFL game in the snow. Heard all about your weather on Ch.l2, hope all is well. Thanks for your comment on my blog, I recently purchased a digital SLR Nikon D50 and sure like it. Cheers DonW