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July 21, 2006


I'm so glad to see the end of this week!! It's going to be in the mid-90's all weekend up here, quite a shock after having a fairly cool summer. But I guess we shouldn't complain, given what the rest of the country, and world, have been experiencing with their weather woes.

Val's been watching "Adventures in Babysitting", where Vincent plays the character "Thor". I found an illustration of the mythical god Thor....Vincent's much cuter.


  1. you said it... tgif.... but I think my banner would read I love Vanilla Vincent D'Onofrio, I love Choc Chip Vincent D'Onofrio, I love Creamy Vincent D'Onofrio.... oh jojo, we've being hit by high temps here too and we are so not used to it.... phew.... think cold, think cold, until I think Bobby, then it's like fever time... phew....

  2. Kathleen8:16 PM

    My week was very hot... and I spent it dancing in an auditorium with no air conditioning. Ya.

  3. Sorry to hear the heat is moving your way jojo, having lived with it this past week I know it's not fun.....Thank God for air con.

    Lately I have been fantasizing about Vincent licking an ice cream cone......Can't imagine why :)

  4. ..and as Tess knows, I can't stop thinking about Vincent with a big fan ;-)

  5. After a session with Vincent I'd hope to be feeling Thor...

  6. Jo-Jo, just wanted to say, GREAT comment at Eliza's to the troll who has a problem with Vincent's sexuality. Thanks very much.