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July 13, 2006

The "Laminated List"

Anyone who is a hardcore "Friends" fan remembers the episode where Ross & Rachel made a list of celebrities with whom they could sleep, without the other getting mad. Ross laminated his list.

I suppose I really can't call mine "laminated" because the 5th spot rotates a lot depending on my mood. Celebrities who have made the list in the past, but have since been replaced, include: Bob Weir (Grateful Dead), Chris Noth, Denzel Washington, Kiefer Sutherland, Matthew Broderick, Val Kilmer and Joel Hodgson (from MST 3K). A couple of other guys who have made the list are John Barrowman (from the new "Doctor Who") and Kyan Douglas (from "Queer Eye"), but unfortunately for me, they don't like girls. John Barrowman is so good looking I could almost cry! lol

My current list features comedian Gary Valentine (from "King of Queens" and Kevin James' real life older brother), Keanu Reeves (also Canadian), Canadian actor John Pyper Ferguson (best known for his role Pete Hutter in "Brisco County"), Canadian actor (do you see a pattern here?) Peter Keleghan and the guy occupying the #1 spot, Vincent D'Onofrio.

Who is on YOUR list?


  1. I am strictly a one man woman... totally faithful, loyal and dedicated to only one... Mr D'Onofrio can leave his shoes under my bed anytime.... the tragedy is, and it is a tragedy, not in a million zillion years would he want to :>(

  2. Aw, you don't know that Ann!!! I bet he would!! :o)

  3. Like Ann.....There's only ONE man for me. Although I do have to admit Johnny Depp is pretty darn cute. (Have you noticed, both Vincent and Johnny look great when they wear eyeliner!)

  4. jojo.... I can't imagine him sleeping with a grandmother...

  5. Kathleen7:00 PM


    I suppose it would be inappropriate if I made a list, no? Maybe I'll alter the exact purpose of the list a bit. Watch for that one, Jo. Maybe that will be tonight's topic.

    And on the subject of the songs from last night- well, maybe it's time for a new KatMix! I guess you should watch your mail too, then!

  6. My no 1 is Vincent (of course), and my no 2 is Adrian Paul (Duncan MacLeod from Highlander). And I have to admit there are others, but they don't come in a specific order.

  7. Vincent is number 1-5, but 6 is still George Clooney and 7 is Kevin Sorbo. Going back to oldtimers, James Garner in his 40s was still pretty stunning, and I wouldn't say no too loudly to Mel Gibson or Harrison Ford.

  8. Oh yeah, James Garner from his Rockford days, for sure! Harrison Ford as well. And I used to like Randy Mantooth from "Emergency!"