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July 18, 2006

Good morning handsome!

Having a much better day today, but the day is still young! Last night's USA "LOCI" was the one with the 3 teenagers who poison some of the church members, and at the end, Connie hauls off and smacks Bobby across the face. A short struggle ensues and Bobby says, "Ouch!" Something about that scene really turns me on. Hubby told me he wanted my hands on top of the blanket, where he could see

My best friend in Maine sent me a link to a website that has funny action figures. One of her friends wanted her to see the "Crazy Cat Lady" figurine, because she has 5 cats. Some of my fellow VDO bloggers love cats as well, so I thought I'd post the picture so everyone could have a good chuckle. This website also has a Bigfoot figurine which I am thinking about asking Santa to get me for Christmas. This is the link:


  1. I watched that episode last night too. I alway's want to smack Connie......Can't stand the thought of Bobby's beautiful face being slapped!

    Thanks for the link JoJo. I adore cats :)

  2. I just love the fisty-battle that the little squirt cuoldn't possibly win.

    JoJo, the dvd i got was ordinary L&O season 4, not LOCI. (Sobs incontrollably).

  3. Your first paragraph has me ROTFLMHO... funny hubby... what could he mean?

    I love cats so will check out the link later. Thanks

    lotsa luv ann xxxxx

  4. Hi there, you visited me, so I thought I would say hello!

  5. JoJo, I bought this for my sister a while back - it's hysterical. I always try to buy some gag gifts for the holidays and last year I foundan OCD Man for my boss. He was most upset when his daughter opened and tore the packaging. Need I say more at the appropriateness of the gift?