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July 31, 2006

23 days till Vancouver!

Just have to start the day w/ a cute photo of Vincent. I never get sick of this shot.

Our stupid home computer crashed yet again, so I have not been able to get onto the Molly.VDO blog in I hope my fellow bloggers will stop by and see that I'm still alive and well, or pass on to the "Molly gals" that I'm still out here. For some reason, I can't post on Molly from work anymore.

Sometimes I have this wonderful fantasy of taking my home computer and hurling it through the plate glass picture window, & watching it shatter all over the driveway. Unfortunately, it would be a very costly and environmentally unfriendly temper tantrum. makes a nice fantasy.

Only 23 more days till I leave for my annual "It's All About Me!" trip to Canada. This year I'll be visiting Vancouver, just up the highway about 150 miles or so. Usually I go to Victoria but always take the passenger-only ferry, and stay one night. This year I can drive and I'm staying a few nights. Val is going to be in Alberta the same time I'm in BC, but unfortunately we'll be about 1,000 miles apart. Pity - it would've been fun to hook up and do lunch! I'm looking forward to shopping and photography. If the weather is nice, I am hoping to take the tram to the top of Grouse Mountain and the helicopter ride from the summit.

The big question is whether or not I'll be able to summon up the courage to cross the Capilano Bridge, a swinging footbridge over a gorge. I've been known to take unnecessary chances for the sake of photography, so odds are I'll suck up my fear and just do it.

The weather is lovely today - only supposed to top out at about 73 and there's a nice, cool breeze. I've gotten my first flashes of fall in the past few days. Yesterday was cold, windy and rainy, perfect for staying in and doing crafts. We moved all our stuff out of the Neilton place on Saturday and it's like a load off my shoulders.


  1. JoJo, you are so brave and adventurous! I woiuld never dream of doing any of the stuff to do with heights that you're contemplating.

  2. what a wonderful trip... sounds amazing and can't wait to hear all about it.... and yours too Val :>)

  3. Kathleen3:06 PM

    Well, we already know how much I <3 Canada. Ah ha ha.

  4. I love Vancouver!!! You are a very brave woman JoJo, NO WAY you would get me up on that bridge!!

  5. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Jojo, I returned to the blog after several days leave. The kittens require a great amount of time, plus I love just sitting in my garage and playing with them while housework waits. I envy your going to Canada...have been there twice and loved it. Hopefully, it will be much cooler. My state, TN, may be declared eligible for drought funds. We are hurting. Surely, I'll speak with you before you leave, but I'll go ahead and say have a fantastic time and do/see all you can. This is Bebe.