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September 24, 2018


Our last day in Ohio, we gave Casi & Jeff a day to themselves and we took care of the boys.  First in the morning it was just Mark cause they had to take Dale to the doctor.  I was able to shoot his 5 month old pics.

Chewing on my thumb again.

Drooly Mark got Russell's shirt all wet.  This kid eats like a champ.  Casi pumped a bunch of milk and showed me how to warm it up for his bottles.

Dale home from the doctor, still with rosy cheeks from his slight fever.  He went down for a nap and slept for quite awhile.

Russell & I took turns snuggling Mark till he fell asleep on Grumpa.

Dale finally got up and settled down once we put on 'Moana' and let him munch on crackers and pedialyte and he seemed to be much better.

After they got home, we went out to eat at Chipotle, along with Tina who met us at the apartment.

"I've heard Chipotle is yummy!"

"But WHY can't I have a burrito too?"

I love this pic so much.

We went back to the apartment for Mark's very first cereal!  He got most of it on his bib but after awhile he was kicking his little feet with each spoonful.

He got a little excited and tried to eat the bowl.

Big Bubba getting in on the fun.

 I was unable to get the family pictures that I wanted on this trip so I guess we'll just have to go back!


  1. kids are in good hands. So darn cute!

    1. I'm proud to say that we are on the extremely short list of people they trust with their babies.

  2. Oh, those faces! I'm in love!

    1. Me too. Mark has me totally wrapped around his teensy fingies.