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May 26, 2018

The Family I Never Thought I'd Have

I was finally able to finish the shadow boxes once I got the newborn onesies and hats from Casi. 

We had a mishap on the drive out and the birth info for Mark got stuck to some tape and ripped but I can send them a replacement that they can stick over this.

I absolutely cannot stop looking at this picture of Mark.  He's just now starting to smile.

Beautiful inside and out

They make adorable babies.

Auntie spoiling her Marker.

Grampa and a very giggly Daley.

We got him that hat.

We went out to eat at the Golden Corral with Casi's grandmother, Pamela, and stepgrandfather, Darrell.

Dale and Papaw Darrell.

Pam and Mark.

Val is looking very peeved at Dale and clutching his wrist because right before I snapped it, he clocked her right in the jaw.  I didn't see it but she was definitely NOT amused.

Burrito Baby


  1. oh, you've got quite a family. How fun! So glad you made the trek and had a blast. Very nice!

    1. And last night we did our first video chat with them too which is great!!